Ipsy Beauty Rocks


April Ipsy.. Beauty Rocks!

What I received:

*Urban Decay 24/7 velvet black eyeliner. Even though it was only a sample size it was definitely my favorite item of the bag. I’m an Urban Decay girl so this made me happy. 

*Cailyn lip balm in apple pink. I was so excited to get this until I saw what shade I actually received then I was disappointed. I love the style of the applicator and think it’s a really fun lip product I have been anxious to try but I was hoping for red or a real shade of pink. Instead, I received an orange / brown color that I will never wear. I have tried to put it on a few different times just to see if I could talk myself into liking the color each time but I just can’t. I’m hoping to receive another in a future bag in a shade I will actually wear.

*Pop Goes The Shadow in shade Champagne. A nice shade for under my brows and the tear ducts of my eyes. You can never have too much highlighting shadow in reserve so because of that it will eventually get some use.

*Dr.Brandt Microderdabrasion. It was sample size but that’s okay because a little goes a long way. I like that the granulation is extremely fine compared to larger pieces in other kinds that I have tried. I am not a fan of citrus cents which this does have a medium strong scent of. It does a great job of making my face smooth though. I always welcome a new product like this in my bag to throw in the mix in between my usual day-to-day beauty routine. 

*Jasmine scented roll on perfume. I actually really liked this even though I thought I wouldn’t at first glance. I use to have a jasmine bath set when I was really young so every time I smell it, it takes me back to that time in my life. Amazing how strongly our sense of smell is connected to our memory. So because of that it was a good product for me.

The bag itself is cute as it goes along with the theme perfectly but it’s not one that I would use for anything other than adding to my ever-growing ipsy bag collection.



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