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Hot Wheels Birthday

Lovey’s 4th Birthday was Hot Wheels themed, perfect for my little Hot Wheels loving boy!

  Lovey and Daddy.  


Kindergarten Registration

10371690_10201124398232547_5910011909192092449_nBack in the spring we took a tour of the school that Lovey will be attending this fall and got him registered and all set up to start kindergarten. We are so proud of the amazing, sweet spirited and extremely intelligent young man that he is and we know that his future holds incredible things!   

Elfie 2013

We began The Elf On The Shelf tradition this past Christmas. 

I discussed the concept with Lovey a week or so prior, settling on the name Elfie for our highly anticipated visitor. We read the book on Thanksgiving night and were more than ready for his arrival the next morning. IMG_3885IMG_3891Elfie was welcomed into our family with sweet, childlike excitement from Lovey and filled our Christmas season with a lot of fun and special memories.

Elf On The Shelf will now always be a part of the holidays in our home.IMG_3917*Lovey found Elfie nestled in the Christmas tree that first morning.

*Lovey found Elfie in the freezer enjoying an ice cream cone from his play kitchen. Later, he came back and gave Elfie a Hot Wheel to play with “incase he became bored while he was in the freezer.Untitled-4-lm*Lovey said “I found Elfie in my playroom, he is reading my little books!” Then he sat down and read to Elfie.

*Lovey found Elfie shooting some hoops. They made a great team.Untitled-5-lm*Elfie was found having a ball in Lovey’s ball pit.

*Lovey and Elfie both were counting down the days until Christmas. There was only twenty-one days left.Untitled-6-lm*Where’s Waldo had nothing on Elfie as he hung out with Lovey’s Elmos.

*Elfie was found watching the snow fall out the window on our snow day.

Untitled-7-lm*Elfie was playing Mega Blocks.

*Elfie brought Lovey a gift, An Elf Story movie. It was even in a cute little elf bag… Elfie obviously believes that the magic is in the details!Untitled-8-lm*Total rock band status!

*We found Elfie in the gift closet. It obviously reminded him of the gift wrapping station in Santa’s toy shop.Untitled-9-lm*Elfie must have overheard that Lovey was going to be seeing the big guy because we found him hanging out in the living room with our Santa.

*Elfie won the sack race with the nutcrackers. Untitled-10-lm*Elfie decorated Lovey’s bathroom mirror with pictures of his pals back in the North Pole.

*Elfie sent Lovey’s Grammy a shameless selfie to wish her a happy birthday. Untitled-11-lm*Lovey found the Christmas sprinkles and was ready to get his bake on!

*Elfie found this little cutie sleeping peacefully.Untitled-12-lm*Elfie played soccer.

*Elfie was feeling the love!Untitled-13-lm*Lovey has a special Elfie delivery in his mail box.

*Elfie also wondered what exactly does the fox say?!Untitled-14-lm*Elfie was cruising in Lovey’s jeep with him.

*Elfie brought us a Cardinals football ornament for our tree and rooted them on as they played the Sea Hawks. The Cardinals won, coincidence?! I think not! Untitled-15-lm*Elfie brought Lovey a Christmas coloring books and crayons.

*Elfie’s last day with us he did some cooking with Lovey in his play kitchen. Untitled-16-lmWe have the sweetest Elf! Before he left with Santa on Christmas Eve to go back to the North Pole until next year he left a note and made a heart out of bows for Lovey to find on Christmas morning. The note said; “I am so proud to be your Elf because you are such a very good boy! I had so much fun with you this Christmas and can’t wait to see you again next year! Until then, keep up the good work! Sending my love, your Elf, Elfie xo”e14

A Visit With Santa

We took Lovey to have his picture taken with Santa this year for the first time and of course to give Santa a heads up on his Christmas list. Our elf, Elfie must have overheard us talking because we found him in our living room with our little Santa along with a note that said “Have fun today at your visit with Santa!”s1We had intended to head off the long line and crying babies back in November when Santa first arrived at the mall, golden thrown and all, well before Thanksgiving. Procrastination set in, unfortunately quite common for us, so we didn’t make it there until the week before Christmas.s7As we stood there in line, que the crying babies, Lovey was remarkably calm and patient. He stooped down every time the line moved ahead a few feet to get a better view of the big guy. I overheard him strategizing with another little boy in line about what they were going to ask Santa to bring them. Lovey was a little boy on a mission and knew ahead of time that he was going to ask for Hot wheels and a yo-yo. I was partial to the sweet innocence of the yo-yo. The other little boy said he also intended to ask Santa for Hot Wheels. Great little minds think alike.   s6

Once it was Lovey’s turn to sit on Santa’s lap he climbed on up like a pro and jumped right into a full conversation with the man in red. Mister Mister and I were taking pictures and recording a short video from the side lines, which we found out later was a no-no. We didn’t intend to break the rules but I’m glad that we accidentally did because the video is priceless. Lovey smiled, talked and laughed with Santa as he tapped his little foot in sheer bliss the entire time.

Childhood Christmas magic, sweetly captured that will be cherished for a lifetime of Christmases to come.khjh



Before his teeth were brushed and his face was washed.

Before I tucked him in for the night.

Before I read him a story. Before we said bedtime prayers.

Before hugs and kisses.

Before sleepy good nights and an exchange of I love you more.

He gave way to sleep, in his own time and place.

I picked him up and carried him to his room,

his sweet cheek resting on my shoulder as I walked. 

A kiss on his forehead and covers pulled up high,

and a photo I will treasure for a lifetime.