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Birthday Love

Birthday love that I made and sent to my big brother for his special day.

 What says love more than sprinkles?! 

Happy Birthday, Brother. I love you lots! xo



Monster High Birthday

Today is my little sister’s Birthday. ♥

Every year I send her a birthday package full of love.

This year’s theme was Monster High/pink & purple. dede

Lots of Monster High goodies!IMG_3743I made her birthday cupcakes too!IMG_3754Happy Birthday little sister!

I hope your birthday package brought you lots of smiles!

Best Sisters Forever! ♥

Christmas Catch-Up

 Our Christmas Eve was busy with hair cuts. Maneuvering the isles of Wal-mart with my cart like Danica Patrick does the raceway in her car. 😉 A run to the border, On The Border that is for chips and salsa, my favorite! Lost pants, found pants, turned out still to be the wrong pants. Last minute gift wrapping that I know Lovey could have done a better job at. Then driving a little fast and furious to church as to make it into our seats before the beautiful service began. Afterwards was gift exchange at Mister Mister’s mom’s house which sadly I have no photos of.  But the highlight of our evening there was how Lovey would run and hug and thank his Nana for every gift he received, regardless of if it was actually from her or not. He didn’t pay attention to such minor technicalities, he just knew that he felt like loving on his Nana and that is exactly what he did. Priceless.

Then we headed home to open Christmas Eve pjs and Lovey’s Christmas Eve gift from Mister Mister and I.

 They played cars together for a long while until Lovey finally passed out. Just in time for Santa to drop off and assemble the rest of his gifts.

Christmas morning found a very excited little boy.

Unfortunately after putting everything else together the night before Santa was a little too tired to put Lovey’s kitchen together so Daddy promised Lovey that he would get the job done. 😉

Similar to the saying;

 “always the bride’s maid never the bride”

I am always the one taking the photos and seldom the one in them but it was ok because the boys had a blast opening gifts together and I taking photos of the unfolding action.

Play food for the kitchen Daddy promises to assemble… eventually. 😉

He shoots… he scores!


Loving on his monkey pillow pet from Grammy and Gramppy.

Coloring at his art desk from his Nana.

Reading his new books from his Great, Great Aunt J and Uncle D.


I thought he looked like a dj with the head set on so I called him dj Lovey Love.

Seems fitting doesn’t it?!

Jamming out with Daddy on the drums was one of the best parts of the day. Imagine them both singing;

 “La La La, La La La Elmo’s WORLD!!!!”

at the top of their lungs…100 times in a row!  I loved every second of it though, such fun memories made.

Such a sweet, sweet Christmas spent with my two loves.

We are so very blessed and so very thankful!!


Counting My Blessings On A Sunday Afternoon

Counting My blessings On A Sunday Afternoon

 is where I reflect on a few of the many blessing and special moments in my life at the end of every week♥   

   This week I am especially thankful for!…

~My Mama’s birthday. I love you, Mama and I am thankful to have celebrated another year of your life even if it was from 1300 miles away, my love spans the distance always and forever.

~An easy peasy day at M2M, Christmas tree ornament crafts and watching Frosty The Snowman. I love our little group of kids.

~Christmas shopping and the choosing of the gifts. Wrapping those gifts and imaging the smile on loved ones faces when they open them. All so priceless.

~Lovey sleeping on my shoulder as I rock him in the recliner. Brings back the memories of his infant days, so bitter/sweet.

Thank You Lord,

for Your many gracious blessings in my life!

Christmas Cocoa

I think this very well is my favorite hand-made gift to date. Also the most tedious to make might I add. Talk about a hand cramp after I curling more ribbon than I normally do in an entire Christmas season. 😉

Well worth it though I think, take a look!!

I portioned the cocoa and marshmallows into individual serving size bags.

Then I dipped spoons to stir the cocoa with into chocolate and added festive sprinkles.

In total I made twenty-nine! I hope all the recipients enjoy their cocoa on Christmas morning made with my special ingredient, LOVE!

WHISKing You A Merry KISSmas!

You read the title correctly. 😉 What do I mean by that though you ask?

Combine a Christmas kitchen dish towel/pot holder set, a whisk and a lot of Hershey kisses…


Fill the whisk with Hershey Kisses.

Wrap it with tinted transparent wrap and curling ribbon.

Add it to the dish towel/potholder set, place it in a fun Christmas bag, add a sweet tag that of course says just that

Whisking You A Merry Kissmas!

And you have a lovely handmade gift for someone special this holiday season.

This particular set I made for my Mama but I also made a few in different prints for the other ladies in my life. A  simple little something that you can make to say you care!

To Daddy With Love

The Father’s Day package I sent my Daddy will be arriving tomarrow. 🙂

I found this paper at Walmart and right away thought of something fun to do with it. 

Other than wrapping his gift with it, do you remember these?

I told you I would find uses for them! 😉

I cut the paper to size and applied it to one.

It made a perfectly coordinated container for a dozen of those chocolate dipped cookies that I made.

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

I miss you and I send you my love.