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Valentine Lovelies

A lot of lovely things made up our Valentine’s Day this year.

The Valentine’s I put together to send family back home.

Cupcakes and cake truffles that I made.IMG_3256IMG_3247Untitled-12IMG_3261I LOVE Pinterest and I am guilty of having a board for just about every holiday. ūüėČ These are a few great Valentine ideas that I found there and made my own….

A squeeze it and Hershey’s Kisses – “A squeeze and kisses!!”

¬†I liked this one especially¬†since I couldn’t be there to give out real ones.¬†IMG_3258These were fun to¬†put together¬†for my mom and little sister. I picked up a couple of pairs of cozy Valentine socks at Target then packaged them up.IMG_3268I made a special Valentine’s breakfast for the three of us. Strawberry smoothies, toast, strawberries and sausage stuffed heart shaped pancakes.IMG_3284Untitled-13I ‚ô• YOU toast!IMG_3290Lovey chose race car Valentines. He picked a specific car for each one of his Valentines and signed his own name like such a big boy.dfedMister Mister and I gave Lovey froggy¬†Valentine goodies. They reminded us of right after he was born,¬†when he¬†had the little¬†froggy legs that newborns do.Untitled-14He’s still our sweet, little froggy.


That evening we took Mister Mister’s mom flowers and spent some time with her.

Untitled-15Lovey stayed and played Legos with her while we enjoyed dinner out together.wwAnd of course all the sweet love notes from family and friends.

They mean so much. ♥ 


Counting My Blessings On A Sunday Afternoon

Counting My Blessings On A Sunday Afternoon

is where I reflect on the many blessings and special moments in my life at

the end of every week ‚ô•


This week I am especially thankful for!…

~National Pancake Day at IHOP with my boys.

~Witnessing a double rainbow. Beautiful.

~An afternoon at a fun, indoor inflatable playground with Lovey. It’s definitely a new favorite place of ours.

~Dinner and games at Chuck E. Cheese.

~Valentine’s Day with my two greatest loves…Then date night that evening with

¬†one of them while the other stayed¬†at his Nana’s house.

~A new bookcase in the playroom. Vertical storage score!

~A full day this weekend where the three of us stayed in our pjs cuddled up on the couch and recliner under blankets watching tv together. A day like that rarely happens so we truly enjoyed it. ♥

~Being approved for something I have been working towards for quite some time. Exciting!

~A faith based compliment from a friend which meant so much to me. I was reminded of this quote by Mother Teresa:

Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echo is truly endless.

Thank You Lord,

for your many gracious blessings in my life!

Filled With {Love!}

I really enjoy making people feel special, making them feel loved. I think a thoughtful gesture and a little attention to detail in someone’s life does wonders for their heart. In turn, wonders for my own as well, so it’s a¬†win-win¬†situation for all who are involved. ūüėČ

I put together these Valentine’s bags for special people in my life, filled with lots of {love!} & {heart!}

 Very Valentine cherry brownie bites.

Red Velvet cookies.

Hand made Valentine’s from Lovey and I.

 Chocolates and mini heart-shaped notebooks.


And my favorite of all, a Valentine balloon that self inflates when you open the pouch.

How neat is that?!

You just have to love the novelty gems you can find in the dollar¬†section of Target! ūüėČ

¬†Along with a few other miscellaneous¬†goodies, I hope it all brings smiles to those people’s faces that¬†I am blessed¬†to have in my heart not just on Valentine’s Day but the whole year through!

Will You Be Our Valentine?!

Lovey and I put a lot of

 heart {♥}

¬†into our Valentine’s this year.

I made these with coordinating envelopes.


And sweet, mini-heart clips to seal them up!

I¬†LOVE Lovey’s Valentines.

They make me smile every time I look at them.

He was a good sport and allowed¬†me to pose his right hand in the photo so that once I added a sucker it would look like he was handing it to you.- -The hand in his pocket has¬†evolved into¬†his personal trademark, by his own doings. Such a charmer he is. ūüėČ

I originally saw the card idea here and thought it looked like such a fun one that family and friends would be happy to receive.


I mean who can resist a cherry sucker and such a loveable, little boy’s smile?!