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Pumpkins And Bats And Mice, Oh My!


Halloween decorating was a lot of fun this year.


Our fireplace mantle in the living room. h1Pumpkin topiareies that I made, probably my favorite addition this year.h2I scored both led candles and the witch pumpkin on clearance at Kohls last year a few months after Halloween so they were nearly 70% off!w3I repurpose our usual candles for every holiday by just adding ribbon. Cheap, quick and always adds a lot of holiday feel to every room. h3w1Bath & Body Works Trick Or Treat candles worked in perfectly.w2I added a little Halloween spirit to the kitchen as well.w4

Lovey’s favorite decoration, Mr. Pumpkin. He talks when you press his nose. He’s a pretty fun fella’ and I can see why he’s Lovey’s favorite.h4Our entry table all dressed up for Halloween.

I love being greeted by a table of cheer, whatever season it may be, when I first walk through our door. It’s always the first area that I decorate and the last one that I put away until the next year. h5w6I brought the wreath in that I made last year from hanging on the front door and found it a new home on the entry mirror.w5I was so pleased with our stairs. Cute and just a touch of creepy with the mice cut outs. Decorating our stairs this way will definitely be a Halloween tradition from now on. h6


Birthday Chic

My little sister’s birthday is coming up at the end of this week. The big 18! Officially an adult, where has the time gone?! I’ll spare you the mooshy sister love stuff for another post on her actual birthday. ;)In this post I thought I would share the birthday package that I put together for her which will be arriving tomorrow, I can’t wait for her to get it!

If you haven’t observed this about me by now 😉 I’m a bit of a perfectionist and like “themes” and always try, by the best of my ability, to carry them out to the very last detail. The theme I came up with for her birthday package last year was on the playful side, with a rainbow of polka dots. I would like to think of this year’s package as birthday chic! Modern,sophisticated and beautiful just like she is!

I came across this wrapping paper a few months ago and fell in love. I wish I would have bought few more rolls instead of just the one because I have since then thought of numerous other uses for it, like contact paper in my dresser drawers! It’s very reflective of the way I like to decorate our home. I love floral patterns and I am drawn to modern black furniture and wrought iron scroll designs with pops of color, just like how the purple ribbon pops with the paper. Purple after all is my sisters favorite color!

Now that I have went on about how much I love the paper the point is that I know she will as well. She always gives me creative control and appreciates my attention to detail which is one of the million reasons that I love her!

This is the second year that I have made her birthday cookies. I love to bake so I always include some sort of sweet treat for people on all holidays but “birthday cookies” are quickly becoming a tradition in my kitchen!

I wanted to incorporate the black and white of the wrapping paper into the cookies icing.

I like how they turned out looking and as always I used my tasty no fail sugar cookie recipe.

I bought a plain, chinese food carry out style box from Michaels and added a few purple touches to it then wrapped up the cookies and placed them inside.


I thoroughly enjoy putting things together like this for the important people in my life.

It’s my way of trying to make them feel special on their special day because they are so special to me.

I hope my little sister does indeed feel special when she opens her package, because I love her, miss her and couldn’t ask for a little sister any more deserving of all things special!


A Little Spring In The Kitchen




I really enjoyed making Valentine’s dish towels earlier this year.

Maybe making holiday/season dish towels has became my thing. 😉

So when I saw these for a great price I knew I wanted to make more, this time inspired by Spring’s vibrant colors.

I bought a set in each color as well as one extra with each set so that I could cut out the flowers with the coordinating fabric. 

Then I added a little detail by placing a button in the center of each flower.

I gifted a set to my Mama, Great Aunt, older sister and Mister Mister’s mom, adding a little Spring to their kitchens!

Happy February! & A Little Something For The Kitchen.

Happy February!

February is one of my most favorite months of the year.

My parents got married thirty-eight years ago this month.

My big sister as well as a very good friend’s Birthdays are this month.

It’s the month for tax returns, woo-hoo!

But February is most iconically known by all for Valentine’s Day.

I use to love school Valentine’s Day parties and picking out which Valentine’s to give my class mates.

Of course all the tasty sweets!

And the reds, pinks and whites everywhere that gave me even more of an excuse to be a girly girl. 🙂

I do my best to express my love for people in my life all year through. But come every February I can’t resist a few heart shaped mementos to get  the point across even more. 😉

One of the things I put on my  Year Of Lovely Things list was to make holiday dish towels.

So I started by making Valentine’s ones and taking it a step farther with coordinating pot holders as well. Hehe! 🙂

I made a set for myself and a set for the woman in my life; my Mama,  my Great Aunt who always made me so many thoughtful things when I was growing up and Mister Mister’s Mom.

I wanted to add a little love to the heart of all of our homes, our kitchens.

I found these cute but plain dish towels and pot holders at Wal-Mart.

I cut out heart shapes from pretty deep red ribbon and white fleece material that I had. 

I attached them to the towels in a cute pattern and tied each one with a matching ribbon.

 Since the pot holders were smaller I just put one heart on each one because I didn’t want them to feel too crowded.

 I think they turned out quite nicely. I know I would feel special receiving something like this from someone, I hope that they do too!

Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

Oh Christmas tree!

Oh Christmas tree!

How lovely are thy branches!

Those are the only words to that song that I know.

That is okay though, Lovey didn’t seem to mind that I sang them over and over and overrrr again while we decorated our tree earlier this month.

He was a good little helper!

He really got wrapped up in helping me with the garland. 😉

Meticulously checking to make sure all the lights were working properly.

 And that the ornaments were securely in place. 😉

I remember the feeling of being so young, so innocent and the Christmas tree being so magical that I could sit and stare at it forever the way Lovey is doing here.

We decorated the tree in the family room with white and blue lights, and silver and blue garland as well as ornaments.

And the wrapping paper coordinated too! 😉

My mom gave Mister Mister’s and I this tree skirt for our first Christmas tree years ago.

I love the angels that adorn it.

 We put a mini tree in the kitchen, that way I could really get into a festive mood as I did my holiday baking!

A jolly  little tree it was, with its kaleidoscope of colored ornaments and lights.

Every Christmas growing up at my parents house we had special Christmas bells that went on the tree that lit up and played Christmas melodies.

My parents bought them in 1982, awhile before I was even though of!

They worked every year without fail until 2006 when sadly, they played their last note.

We all took it pretty hard, for they had been a staple of Christmas in our lives for decades.

Luckily, I found a substitute. Mini bell-shaped lights that played the same tunes that brought back all my childhood Christmas memories.

So I purchased my parents a set for their tree and one for mine as well.

I put them on the tree in the kitchen because they make me happy and well, that is where I spend most of my time.

I hope Lovey will have fond memories of these musical lights, like I have of the ones I grew up looking forward to pulling out of the Christmas trunk each year. 

Although it’s time to pack them away again for another year I can’t wait until next Christmas when the their sounds fill our home with smiles!