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Counting My Blessings On A Sunday Afternoon

Counting My blessings On A Sunday Afternoon 

is where I reflect on a few of the many blessing and special moments in my life at the end of every week♥   


   This week I am especially thankful for!…

All things Fall related ♥… 

~Bath & Body Works Fall scented  candle line. I picked a few up, for our home, for my mom and for Mister Mister’s mom. My favorite is marshmallow fireside!

~The first rain storm of the season caught Lovey and I off guard. We were at the park when it began to pour. We ran home as fast as we could. Lovey had a hoodie he was able to quickly put on as we ran, my only source of protection was a Fingerhut catalogue over my head lol. We laughed about it after we were home, once we were out of our soaked clothes and into dry, comfy ones.

~Needless to say, we turned the heat on in our home this week. Every year the initial transition from using the ac to the heater reminds me how blessed I am to have a warm place to call home.

~I broke out the crock pot this week and already made Mister Mister creamy chicken and vegetable chowder and cheddar potato soup. Fall really is my favorite season for cooking. There’s something so comforting about the hearty scents that escape a meal set on low in your crock pot all day.

~My first pumpkin goodness of the season, pumpkin spice frap from Starbucks. Fall perfection!    

Thank You Lord,

for Your many gracious blessings in my life!


Instagram Round-Up!

* * * April Favorites! * * *instagram

Toys R’ Us Kid. Playing trains with Daddy. Pirate rubber ducky. Lovey and I. Shark attack. Couch Potatoes. My cool guys. A sunny afternoon stroll. Sleepy Elmo. Backwards sleepin’.  Frito Pie just like Mama makes.  Father and son cuddles.  Team cheesy garlic bread.  Tuckered out and sound asleep in bed. Little monkey man.photo-3photo5photo-2photo-1photo 4

Look What Has Arrived!

Can you guess what is in the box?!

Do you remember the exciting purchase I mentioned the other day?

It has arrived!!

I will give you a few clues about what it is;

It’ something I have wanted for a very long time.

It makes me all giddy and causes my heart to beat faster.

It will change my life forever!

Ok, maybe my last clue is a bit eccentric but then again maybe it isn’t. 🙂

I would like to introduce my new baby, my pride and joy other than Lovey of course!

My very own… Wolfgang Puck stand mixer!!!!!

Isn’t she a beauty!!

Sleek black and chrome body.

Commercially rated.

Tilt up head.

10 speeds.

700 watts of power.

I am so very much in LOVE!I also purchased the meat grinding attachment.

Although I am a vegitarian and you wouldn’t think I would be excited about such a thing, I am excited to grind the meat myself that I prepare for Mister Mister and Lovey.

In time, I will get the slicer/dicer and pasta extruder attachments as well.

Then there will really be no stopping me! 

Oh the things I can and WILL make with my new friend!

Have I mentioned how over the moon excited I am?!

Well I am, just a little! 😀

So if you need me, I think you know where I will be!

Creamy Chicken & Bacon Pastries

When I found this recipe @ Our Best Bites I knew it was perfect to make for Mister Mister.

They look and smell so good fresh out of the oven that they almost make me wish I ate meat. 😉


I cooked a pack of chicken breast and a pack of bacon and then shredded them both into a bowl.

Now for the creamy part!

Then I mixed the meat in with a softened container of onion and chives cream cheese.

The original recipe called for roasted red peppers in it as well but I did not use any, maybe next time.

Then you spoon a little on your dough and top with shredded mozzarella cheese.

I looked for puff pastry but after half an hour and two employs helping me scour the isles we never did find any.

Instead, we found Fillo dough.

I had never cooked with it before so I gave it a try.

The finished product is similar to puff pastry but the prep work for it is well, a lot of work!

You have to brush each layer of it with butter and let me tell you there seems an infinite number of layers in each box. 😉

It was well worth it though!

Then you fold over the dough so you have these cute little triangles.

Be sure to seal the edges well so that all you cheese does not melt out.

Put them into the oven at  350.

15-20 minutes later they come out golden brown and extra flaky.

Now I just need to  come up with a vegetarian version, yum! 😉

Brown Sugar & Bacon Wrapped Sausages

This is a really simple and tasty recipe from Our Best Bites.

I take the word of Mister Mister and his brother whom I make them for, when it comes to them being  tasty,  seeing as how I do not eat meat but I can vouch for the simple part.

Only three ingredients;

Little Smokies (I have made these with both the original and the cheddar kind so which ever one you prefer is fine)


Brown sugar.

You cut the strips of bacon into thirds  and wrap each sausage in a piece then secure it with a tooth pick.

Once you have them all on your baking sheet sprinkle brown sugar over the top and put them into the oven at 350 for 45-55 minutes.

They come out with the sugar caramelized adding some sweet to the salty. 🙂

Mister Mister loves the way the house smells after they have cooked.

I think they would be perfect for a sports party!

Mama Would Be Happy

A few years ago for Christmas my Mama bought us a Belgian waffle maker.

I myself am a pancake girl but Mister Mister prefers waffles.

We have made it a tradition in our house since receiving this gift, to make red and green waffles every year on Christmas morning.

But other than that the waffle maker doesn’t get much use the other 364 mornings a year.

Sorry Mama. 😛

So I decided to break it out, blow off the dust and make waffles.

I made blueberry ones.

They turned out so yummy I didn’t know what I had been missing.

Maybe 😉 I will become a part-time waffle consumer now.

My Mama would be happy.

Massive Heat Wave & Croutons

Oh my is it hot!

Normally I brag about the beautiful weather but not today, not this entire week actually!

All I hear out of people is, “at least you’re not back home in the Southwest where it’s 110 degrees every day.”

Well I would gladly be there, because I would undoubtably have my ac set at 68 degrees. 🙂

Because there are suppose to only be ten or so 90+ degree days here a year majority of places do not have ac or even ceiling fans.

Lucky me, I do not have either.

It is 95 degrees here today.


Needless to say Lovey and I  are




and a wee bit cranky if truth be told. 😛

Maybe the heat just melted my brain but I decided to turn on the oven, yes, adding additional heat, and make some homemade croutons.

We had a loaf of bread that was becoming stale and I had a craving for a salad and forgot to get any croutons when we went grocery shopping the other day.

So it just seemed like the right thing to do.

I cut the bread into bite sized pieces and then coated them with EVOO, fresh grated parmesan cheese, a little bit of garlic powder and some Italian herbs.Then onto a baking sheet they went and into the oven for about a half an hour, untill they were golden brown and had a nice crunch.Finally they were ready to top my spinach salad.

They turned out perfect and Lovey liked them too.

And the sun is finally setting so some relief from the heat is thankfully on its way!