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All That Glitters Is Gold

We were very much in the fall spirit this year around our home.

And somewhere along the way I fell in love with burlap and gold.

* * * * * * * * * *

Our Thanksgiving card.Untitled-2Our entry table.th4I added a photo of us from the pumpkin patch this year to this sweet family blessings frame that I found at Joanne’s.IMG_3880Untitled-7The pin that my Mama sent me that I put on the decorative pumpkin was one of my favorite touches.IMG_3879

Our front door.th7The fall wreath that I made.IMG_3870Lovey helping me put the leaf clings on the windows out front.th8I dressed up our garage lights with burlap bows that I made.th1Our dining table. Love.f1Fun magnets that Lovey’s Grammy sent him to decorate our fridge.th10Thanksgiving card display.th9

Thanksgiving morning Lovey and I watched the Macy’s parade together.

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition.th11The rest of the day was spent at home just the three of us. We watched football and in the afternoon we ate the Thanksgiving dinner that I made.IMG_3884I am so thankful for my boys and for the love and light that they bring into my life!f3That night, we brought in all the containers of Christmas decorations from the garage. As Thanksgiving came to an end at our home Christmas began.th15The boys put our tree up together.th13Keeping with my new-found love for gold, it’s going to be a golden Christmas.

This years Christmas tree theme is gold and white.th12Lovey was my decorating helper and did a fantastic job might I add.

Meticulously placing ornaments all around the three. th14That night, we began the Elf On The Shelf Tradition by reading the story for the first time before bed. More on Elfie our elf coming soon!IMG_3891I’m thankful for another Thanksgiving with my boys. Our warm home. Food in our bellies. Our health and lots of love between us.

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

t6I remember making a hand print turkey of sorts at school for Thanksgiving the year I was in third grade. Lovey made a much cuter version for his Thanksgiving craft this year. He liked that it was a craft that he could carry around and play with afterwards. I liked that it made for a sweet keepsake of his little hand prints. Gobble! Gobble! 

Pumpkin Goodness

I’ve been busy in the kitchen baking lots of pumpkin goodness and getting it ready to send back home to family for the Thanksgiving.


I filled these cute pumpkin sacks with various treats.p9Pumpkin cocoa, harvest spice granola bar and Thanksgiving candies. p3All wrapped up, tied with bows…Untitled-1Ready to be sent, along with lots of love this Thanksgiving. ♥p6


The last quarter of 2012 Mister Mister was called to work out-of-town full-time.

 Consequently, the majority of our end of the year/holiday traditions ended up being canceled.

All be it sad and disappointed by this, we understood that it was necessary for the time being and we were thankful that he was given the job opportunity. 

Meanwhile, Lovey and I improvised, continuing to make memories because life couldn’t come to a complete standstill.

There are certain experiences, traditions and memories though of which we always want to consist of all three of us. For those things we would pick up where we left off the next year and make the most of the interim.

 Although time seemed to move ever so slowly as Lovey and I were missing Mister Mister while he was far away from home, in reality it flew by.

It left us and the upcoming back to back holidays in a whirlwind, so much so that I never manged a single holiday post!

 So this is a catch up post of our whirlwind, 2012 holiday season.    


Lovey chose to be his favorite Red Power Ranger for Halloween.

My favorite part of his costume was his matching candy bag.

 His favorite part was well, being a Power Ranger. 😉


We trick or treated briefly in Lovey’s Nana’s neighborhood then headed home to do the same in our own. 

Halloween reminded me how much I adore Lovey’s personality…  calm and courteous. He held my hand as we walked around our neighborhood. He rang the door bells {as he is tall enough to reach them on his own this year!} and waited patiently. He would say trick or treat in the sweetest voice then once offered his choice of candies he would take only one and say thank you.

It maskes a Mama’s heart proud to hear from others how well-mannered he is.

Untitled-7We are not too big on candy at our house so I let Lovey pick out two pieces to reward him for a job well done. He chose a sucker and a box of dots. I checked them and he was a happy boy. I put the rest away for Mister Mister to pick out a few pieces and me to pick out a few mini chocolates then the rest to give away. Seriously, who can eat that much candy anyways?! f6Lovey got ready for bed and put on his Halloween pjs which he had been anxiously waiting to get to wear that night. My little cutie. f7

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Mister Mister was off work and back home two days for Thanksgiving. 

I made dinner and dessert for the first Thanksgiving spent as just the three of us.

It was lovely.  

We pulled the Christmas tree out of the garage and began the decorating for the Christmas season.


We did some pre black friday shopping that night then regular black friday shopping the the next day.

Lonnng lines but good deals that I had organized on a list weeks in advance. Yep, I’m that lady carrying a list around as I shop even through the mayhem of the busiest shopping day of the year. It helps me stay focused so that I don’t end up like Dug in the movie Up… squirrel! likely resulting in a cart full of ridiculous purchases because you know, everything is on sale. 😉


Our favorite time of year.

So thankful that we were healthy, happy, warm and together.

We were so very blessed. IMG_3178Lovey received a special Toy Story stocking from his Tia K.ytbynb

IMG_3204Hand made blanket from his Great-Great Aunt J.

IMG_3181A favorite new game from Grammy and Grampy.


IMG_3185Untitled-4Opening gifts with Daddy.IMG_3195

Cozy new blanket snuggles.Untitled-3


I love you too, my sweet little Lovey!xasxa

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New Year’s Eve we received a light dusting of snow, enough to pique Lovey’s interest so we bundled up and spent some time playing in our back yard.  Afterwards I made us all hot cocoa to warm us up. 


That night, out of the blue Lovey put himself to bed without our help.

 There were certainly no complaints from us.

  Mister Mister and I managed to keep our eyes open until the midnight hour, long enough for a quick smooch and an exchange of Happy New Year.

Such party animals we are. 😉

* * * * * *

Having Mister Mister away all that time made the three of us cherish our family more than ever when he was back home with us.

The time that we did have together outweighed all that we didn’t.  

Technical Difficulties

Oh the technical difficulties that have arisen in this last week! Needless to say they have taken a toll on my blogging regularity which definitely calls for a sad face. 😦

I had some lovely fall inspired posts planned but since my photos have not been accessible they have been a no go.

I will hopefully be getting everything situated again asap and will  hop right back up on the blogging saddle again with Thanksgiving related posts; think crafts and cookies and cards oh my!

As for those fall posts that have fallen to the waist side maybe I can fit them in the last bit of November, I promise you will like them.

For now though I will leave you with a photo of my sweet little Lovey, bundled up all snuggly warm on a very cold morning on our way to M2M church group or as he calls it “go bye-bye in the car and PLAYYYY!”

 The caption that comes to mind when I see this photo is baby it’s cold outside♥

Talk to you all again soon… fingers crossed!! 😉