Diaper Box Makeover-Tutorial

If you are a parent, I bet you probably have many empty diaper boxes stacked up in your garage filled with outgrown baby clothes, Christmas decorations and a whole assortment of miscellaneous things, I know I sure do!

I’m always looking for cute and practically priced storage options for around the house.

I am a firm believer in

“a place for everything and everything in its place!”

Unfortunately, the cuter the basket the pricier they usually seem to run.

So I decided to take advantage of all those diaper boxes and create my own! 

You may remember this wrapping paper from

my little sister’s birthday chic package a few months back.

I couldn’t help but fall in love with the pattern.

Lucky for me I came across the last two rolls on the shelf at Target the other day while I was there. Score!

I decided I wanted to start by organizing

my upstairs hall closet.

Towels, hand towels, wash rags, 

extra blankets and sheets etc. which would call for five lovely boxes, one for each shelf.

To get started I used;

-Five empty diaper boxes

-One roll of the floral wrapping paper for the outside of the box

-One roll of contrasting wrapping paper in a fun color,

 I chose red.

-Ribbon to make bows.

Fortunately for me I have a giant bag full of red ribbon!

 Of course you do not have to make bows, I just did because I like the feminine detail that bows add and in a house where I’m out numbered by boys 2-1 I try to sneak in as much of that as I can! 😉



I made my ribbons first for each box so that I could get them out of the way.

Then I wrapped the floral paper around the box and folded it inside as if I were wrapping a present.

After I secured that into place I cut the red paper to size and wrapped the inside of the box edges

so to leave about an inch of the red paper over lapping the floral on the outside.

I felt it added a bit more visual interest.

Then I just stuck one of the bows I had made on the front.

Simple and easy!

Also each additional box will only take half the time to make because I used my first paper measurements as a guide to cut all the rest which is a plus when you are making these during your little one’s nap time. 😉

I present to you a gorgeous storage box

or even just decorative box if you would like!

One down, four more to go

where my hall closet is concerned.

I’m  sure many more of these will be popping up around the house in all kinds of  paper patterns!

I think I’m going to make a few for my laundry room shelfs next once these are finished! 😉


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