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Eggspecially Made

I thought these bags were eggspecially cute and perfect for putting Easter goodies in this year to send to family back home.IMG_3555I added the Easter sweets that I made, Easter basket cupcakes, IMG_3549   Chocolate dipped Peeps IMG_3547aAnd of course some Easter candy and a lucky egg or two. 🙂IMG_3552


Chocolate Dipped Peeps

Chocolate Dipped Peeps!

They were easy to make, sweet to eat and will be a fun addition to the Easter baskets I put together for family this yearUntitled-6IMG_3537IMG_3544IMG_3547

WHISKing You A Merry KISSmas!

You read the title correctly. 😉 What do I mean by that though you ask?

Combine a Christmas kitchen dish towel/pot holder set, a whisk and a lot of Hershey kisses…


Fill the whisk with Hershey Kisses.

Wrap it with tinted transparent wrap and curling ribbon.

Add it to the dish towel/potholder set, place it in a fun Christmas bag, add a sweet tag that of course says just that

Whisking You A Merry Kissmas!

And you have a lovely handmade gift for someone special this holiday season.

This particular set I made for my Mama but I also made a few in different prints for the other ladies in my life. A  simple little something that you can make to say you care!

Halloween Goody Bags

You know all the sweet treats I have made this week…

Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows. Fall Mix. Pumpkin Patch Cake Pops. Well I’ve had a master plan for them all.

I bought these fun Wilton Halloween goody bags and filled them with one of each.I threw in some candy for good measure because who doesn’t need even more candy this time of year! 😉I also slipped in a Happy Halloween card which features sweet, Lovey in his Elmo Costume. 🙂Goody bags are all ready for family and friends this Halloween!

Candy Bird’s Nests

These are my favorite things to make each year around Easter.

A sweet welcoming to Spring!

There are many variations of what ingredients to use but I always go with a coconut haystack version, think Almond Joy consistency.  Sometimes, I toast the coconut in the oven first which adds a nice crunch.

Then I top them off by putting mini Robin’s eggs candies in the “nest.” 😉 

These are one of my Mama’s favorite things that I make so I’m always sure to make her a few extra!

Chocolate Bunnies

Where has April gone?! I’m a little behind on both making and then posting about my Easter crafts and baking so I’m giving you a heads up that all my posts for the next week will likely consist only of such. 😉 

A few months ago Mister Mister’s mom bought me this cute bunny shaped pan.At first I thought I would make little bunny cakes for Easter but since then I have changed my mind and have a  whole new game plan for what I am making for after Easter dinner. 😉

Of course I did not want such cute little bunny faces to go to waste so I decided to make chocolate bunnies.

  I made half traditional milk chocolate and the other half cookies and cream by adding in ground cookie crumbs to white chocolate before I poured it into the mold.

Then I wrapped each one up in a square of this festive gift wrap and tied with a curling ribbon!