We Love You This Much

As soon as I saw the idea for this card,

 I knew right away Lovey and I were going to make one.

I love and miss my Mama and Lovey his Grammy.

So it was only fitting to make our We Love You This Much card for her.

What we used:

*Tissue paper

*Cling Wrap

*An iron

*A pen


*Alphabet stickers

*Craft foam

*Printer paper

*Double sided tape


How we made it:

* I used my favorite card making technique with pretty bird tissue paper that I transferred to a white piece of paper.

Then I traced my hands and cut them out.

* I traced Lovey’s hands on the green craft foam, cut them out and taped them to the inside of the cut outs of my hands.

*I cut a heart out of the pink craft foam and taped to the front hand in the center then used the alphabet stickers to finish writing WE LOVE(♥) YOU.

* I cut two strips of white paper and folded them accordion style and attached the alphabet stickers saying THIS MUCH. Then I attached a hand to each end so that they would both be left-handed.

When it’s folded up it looks like one hand that says WE LOVE YOU, then when she opens it, it’s a pop up card that says THIS MUCH!

 Which represents Lovey’s and my hands open wide for a hug! 

 I think this photo says it all! ♥




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