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Easter 2014

Easter egg decorating.


  Decorations around our house.  


Wreath that I made for my mom.  

Easter crafts. 


Little Easter Bunny chalk.

  Easter morning.  




  Ending our Easter by putting together blessing bags to deliver to people in need. Lovey was so excited to help.  



St. Patrick’s Day

A little fun with Lovey this past St. Patrick’s Day.

His favorite breakfast of pancakes with a few St. Patty’s sprinkles.s2Rocking our lucky socks!s3Rainbow craftin’.s4s1This picture is from a few weeks later following an afternoon rainstorm. Lovey spotted a rainbow right outside his bedroom window. A good luck sign, I’m sure.



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Happy Birthday Big Brother!

Today is my big brother’s birthday. I put together a special birthday package for him including a king Sized version of his favorite candy bar – Cookies N’ Cream… can you tell we are related?! I made a fun birthday wrapper to go around it to coordinate with the wrapping paper on his gift. 🙂

Happiest of Birthdays to you, Big Brother!

I love you more than you know and miss you every day!

Love Always,

Your Little Sis

Sweet & Crafty

Happy Independence Day!

I have a sweet and a craft today in honor of the red, white & blue!

 Both of which were inspired by Pinterest.

I made white chocolate bark with red and blue M&M’s and sprinkles.

 Then Lovey and I made a fireworks craft.

I bent pipe cleaners so that once dipped in paint and pressed on paper,  would leave fireworks shaped outlines.


Lovey said that the blue fireworks were his favorite. 🙂

Lovey Bouquet

Lovey’s Mother’s Day gift to his Grammy and Nana this year were bouquets of flowers, but not exactly the kind that is likely coming to mind…

He and I worked diligently together to create Lovey bouquets.

I purchased Hallmark recordable art clips, one for each Grandma. I put a favorite photo of Lovey in them and had him record a personal message to each of them.

I love the something extra special and personal they added to his gift. Not to mention the sound of his sweet voice when the button is pressed makes your heart melt!

A precious bouquet of flowers, made with love that will last a lifetime.

Baby Chic Easter Craft

I asked Lovey if he wanted to make a bunny or a baby chick for his Easter craft, he chose a baby chick.

A few supplies, a blanket stretched out on the grass underneath the mid afternoon sunshine…

 and a craft-happy, little boy later, a baby chic was born.

He named it Boo Boo Chicken, after Donald Duck’s pet chicken on the Micky Mouse Club House. He said they were going to go find magic beans to grow a bean stock. Random, yes. Adorable, most definitely!