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Kindergarten Registration

10371690_10201124398232547_5910011909192092449_nBack in the spring we took a tour of the school that Lovey will be attending this fall and got him registered and all set up to start kindergarten. We are so proud of the amazing, sweet spirited and extremely intelligent young man that he is and we know that his future holds incredible things!   


Big Boy Bed

Lovey is officially sleeping in his big boy bed!

Mister Mister and I,  along with Lovey’s help 

assembled it last night right before bedtime.

Hard at work with Daddy’s screw driver!

As soon as I made the bed he climbed right up into it, we said bedtime prayers, turned off the light, closed the door and waited down the hall for him to come wondering out of his room.

We assumed there would be an adjustment process for him and anticipated many tears being shed.

Surprisingly, he actually went straight to sleep!

Can you believe it?!

All this time Mister Mister and I had been putting it off for a couple of reasons.

One, he had yet to figure out that he could just scale the side of his crib any time he wanted so we thought why not just wait until he does.

He inevitably figured it out and has been doing it for a few weeks now.

The other reason, well I’m just too sentimental for my own good sometimes.

I know that the transition from crib to toddler bed marks one of the last few milestones acknowledging that my baby isn’t so little anymore and I guess I just wasn’t ready to give that up yet.

 We are not sure if we plan on having anymore children in the future,

so having in mind that Lovey may be my first and last baby makes me all the more sentimental.

But I knew it was time for his big boy bed,

which he was obviously more than ready for.

 I never want to hold Lovey back from growing, even if it does break my heart into a million pieces sometimes.

Tomorrow, we will take down his crib and move his new bed into place.

I’m proud of him for adjusting so well, so quickly.

For having such a brave, adventurous spirit.

That’s my little Lovey alright.

So without further ado,

Lovey sound asleep for the first time in his big boy bed ♥ 

The Memories Remain

How the time passes away

All the trouble that we gave

Has it all gone to waste?

All the promises we made

One by one they vanish just the same


Of all the things I still remember

Summer’s never looked the same

The years go by and time just seems to fly

But the memories remain


In the middle of September we’d still play out in the rain

Nothing to lose but everything to gain

Reflecting now on how things could’ve been

It was worth it in the end


Now it all seems so clear

There’s nothing left to fear

So we made our way by finding what was real

Now the days are so long that summer is moving on

We reach for something that’s already gone


We had to leave this town

But we never knew when

And we never knew how


Of all the things I still remember

Summer’s never looked the same

The years go by and time just seems to fly

But the memories remain






Big Boy Apple

The other day while I was making Lovey’s lunch he was annoyingly inpatiently right under my feet waiting to be served.

To buy myself a few minutes before his plate would be ready I handed him the apple that I was going to slice into  pieces with an apple slicer as I always do for him. 

The apple piqued his curiosity and gave me a break from his persistance so that I could  finished preparing the rest of his lunch.

When I turned around to get the apple from him so that I could cut it into smaller baby bites, to my surprise this is what I found.

He had taken sporadic bites out of the apple.

Chewed them all up and swallowed.

Sometimes it slips my mind what a big boy he is becoming.