Super Dad


It was a Super Dad Father’s Day for Mister Mister this year.j4 Super Dad and his sidekick!10455357_10201248930665780_2835620731973757168_n10462979_10201248935065890_1073970177796598102_nIt all started with the Super Dad hat I bought for Mister Mister a few months back with the intention to incorporate it into his Father’s Day. The rest grew from the red, yellow and white color scheme of the hat and some ideas I found online. 

Like this that I found on Pinterest. I just filled in the blanks with Lovey’s answers, printed it out and framed it to be a focal point on the Father’s Day table. Lovey’s answers are seriously too sweet. 10428715_10201248931305796_Again, Super Dad and the chosen colors inspired the cake that I made him. A far cry from my best work but I made it last-minute the morning of. 10449904_10201248934505876_9033776056967186727_nThe candy caddy was a big hit with Mister Mister and Lovey both. 😉 I repurposed a Starbucks frap four pack with just wrapping paper and alphabet stickers and filled them with lemon and cherry heads, two of Mister Mister’s favs. 10246606_10201248931785808_9214951018334464864_n


Opening gifts before heading to dinner. Such boys, don’t they look comfy?!10384225_10201248935585903_829148970696528420_n

Mister Mister wanted sea food so we tried a new restaurant, Mcgrath’s Fish House. 10359225_10201245037288448_4238386154750114198_n10390971_10201245038128469_1989686706504473359_nBest. Mozzarella Sticks. EVER. Oh and Mister Mister said his food was good too! 😉10373979_10201245037568455_2443508814950504567_n10414480_10201245038408476_2474242293245303901_nCutie digging into his sundae after dinner.10443445_10201245037888463_5170469651482002550_n

A fun Father’s Day and hopefully his best one to date. Lovey and I love him so very much and are thankful to have him as our very own Super Dad. ♥



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