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Soul Compliment

 Yesterday I was paid one of the kindest compliments I have received in a while. You know the kind you tuck away in your memory to reflect back on every now and then for a lifetime? Yea, it was one of those. One of those rare jewels of a compliment that you take to heart. I think of them as soul compliments because they are more than skin deep, they are someones perception of your soul shining through.

I was making my way through checkout at the grocery store when the cashier asked me your standard check out questions and I gave her my standard check out responses. There wasn’t anything, in my mind to call for a compliment but as she handed me my receipt she said, “My, you are one very polite lady, saying please and thank you to everything. Have a nice day.” As she smiled and turned to the next customer in line.

On the drive home I replayed what the cashier had just said to me. I thought about my day-to-day life. When I am out and about, the way I treat the people I come into contact with as well as my home life with Mister Mister and Lovey. Come to think of it I do say please and thank you often and you know what, so does Lovey. In that moment her words became a soul compliment and I could not help but smile.  Lovey says please and thank you to just about everything. I always take notice and I am always proud and thankful that he has a kind and thankful heart.  Of course, somewhere in my head I acknowledged that it was Mister Mister and I leading by example that had taught him to be that way but it wasn’t until those kind words were spoken by a stranger that it really hit home. 

I took more out of her compliment than she will ever know. It’s also a reminder to me that little eyes are always watching, and little ears are always listening. I pray that I will always be a good example to Lovey to treat people with kindness and respect. And that we should always choose to use our words to lift people up. All lessons, some more than others that I am still a work in progress with. God knows my faults as well as my strengths on this subject. He has shown me a lot lately, where I fall short and need his patience and guidance as well as, like every good Father, lovingly showing me where I shine. Which yesterday for me, came in the form of a soul compliment ♥


A Sewing Box Like Mamas

  I had a conversation with a friend not too long ago where I admitted, gasp, that I can not sew.

As simple as sewing may seem, it has never came naturally to me. I told her I would still very much like to learn.

Then ironically, a few days later I came across this gem of a find

at a local thrift store.

                      A sewing box. Isn’t it a beauty?!                    

Filled with excitement, I ran over to it and held it tightly in my arms, as if I were going to have to fight people off me for it! 😉

I ran my fingers across its smooth wood frame and burlap textured needle cushions.

 It was almost exactly like the one my Mama had as I was growing up. Everything about it evoked warm childhood memories.

She always had an extensive assortment of  needles, large and small and any size in between. Buttons, patches, beads and all the goodies a expert sewer would have in their sewing box.

She could sew anything with absolute perfection and ease.

Flash backs of my Mama’s sewing box and her many heartfelt creations that were crafted from its contents flooded my memory.

I doubt that I will ever have my Mama’s talent when it comes to sewing, for she is a natural.

I am going to try my hand at it again though. 

 I  hope that maybe one day, my little Lovey too will  have memories of his Mama’s sewing box.

 And the labors of love that came from it.

Cozy Socks Kind of Day

 Today was a cozy socks kind of day. The weather forecaster said that it should be our last day of winter like weather and that starting tomorrow we should begin to be  in the 70’s. Even though it is the end of May, it has been in the 50’s and on and off rainy for what seems like forever now. We had a few days of Spring like weather but winter doesn’t seem to want to let go.  Not that I mind all too much, I enjoy the coolness. Back home I’m use to 100 degree temps in April! So I find this a nice change of pace.


 So to bid a finale farewell to Jack Frost, the little Lovey and I put on our cozy socks and cuddled up together on the couch after we saw Mister Mister off to work. We snuggled and read a book together. As I would point to a picture he would jibber-jabber and point at it too. I love these moments with my little boy. It’s hard to believe that this time next year he will have an actual vocabulary. But for now we will enjoy the last day of cold weather together in our cozy socks and I will soak in his baby babble.

Ten Tiny Finger Prints

 Going about my way cleaning the house the other day it came time to wipe down all the glass and mirrors. This is one of my least favorite chores because I tend to be a little O.C.D about cleaning things and I can’t seem to throw in the towel until every last streak is gone!  So I grabbed my spray bottle of vinegar and water ( the contents of the spray bottle alone is another blog within itself coming soon ;)) and got to work!

As I cleaned our glass top dining table, the glass living room door, the Lovey’s mirrored closet doors and a few other items around the house I noticed a occuring theme to the smears and smudges…ten tiney finger prints. I knew there could only be one culprit leaving this trail behind, our Lovey of course! Some came  off with ease and others required a bit more elbow grease. Especially the ones that came from sticky snack soiled hands that Mister Mister can’t for the life of him, thoroughly clean out from between Lovey’s tiny fingers. Which happens quite often…I’m sure you’re as shocked as I am…MEN! 😛 So any who I finished this daunting task lol and moved onto something else.

 No sooner than had I finished the Lovey was back at it again!! He stood at the livingroom door excitedly smacking the glass watching two squirls outside playing. All my attention to detail gone gone gone!!! Behind in its place lay another set of ten tiny finger prints. Later that afternoon I was on the phone talking to my Mama, the Lovey’s Grammy, telling her about my dilemma. “The Lovey’s at the stage now that when it comes to my house cleaning I feel like I’m going in circles!” I told her, “never-ending smudges and crumbs!” I griped. My Mama pointed out something that I already knew but was too pre occupied to take a second to reflect on. She said “One day, sooner than you can believe those finger prints won’t be there anymore. Those fingers and hands will no longer belong to your baby boy but to your grown son who will then be a man. She said when my brothers and sisters and I were small it broke her heart to wipe away the impressions of our little hands. My Mama is a VERY sentimental person as am I. So when she said to cherish these moments a tear rolled down my cheek because she is so right.

I will still continue to wipe them off of course but maybe not as frequently as before. And every time I do I will remember what it was like the first time I saw those ten tiny fingers right after he was born. When the Doctor layed him on my stomach and I held his hand in mine I remember feeling like those little hands could do no wrong. And I will remember what my Mama said, all the while smiling  to myself.