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Onesie Cupcakes

Onesie “cupcakes” that I made for a friend’s sweet, baby girl.o9cdcdfo8cdcdo12fvfvo10c vcdfcvo11vfvfo13cdfco7


Will You Be Our Valentine?!

Lovey and I put a lot of

 heart {♥}

 into our Valentine’s this year.

I made these with coordinating envelopes.


And sweet, mini-heart clips to seal them up!

I LOVE Lovey’s Valentines.

They make me smile every time I look at them.

He was a good sport and allowed me to pose his right hand in the photo so that once I added a sucker it would look like he was handing it to you.- -The hand in his pocket has evolved into his personal trademark, by his own doings. Such a charmer he is. 😉

I originally saw the card idea here and thought it looked like such a fun one that family and friends would be happy to receive.


I mean who can resist a cherry sucker and such a loveable, little boy’s smile?!

Christmas Cocoa

I think this very well is my favorite hand-made gift to date. Also the most tedious to make might I add. Talk about a hand cramp after I curling more ribbon than I normally do in an entire Christmas season. 😉

Well worth it though I think, take a look!!

I portioned the cocoa and marshmallows into individual serving size bags.

Then I dipped spoons to stir the cocoa with into chocolate and added festive sprinkles.

In total I made twenty-nine! I hope all the recipients enjoy their cocoa on Christmas morning made with my special ingredient, LOVE!

Santa’s Hat! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Lovey’s Christmas craft this year was to make Santa’s hat. Since he is finally at the age that he recognizes who Santa is, he had a lot of fun making it. I cut the hat out and applied glue where needed then handed him a pile of cotton balls and he went to town. 🙂

He insisted on wearing his very own Santa hat and sang a little song while he worked that went like this;

“Santa’s hat! Hey! Hey! Hey!

 Santa’s hat! Hey! Hey! Hey!…”


Stocking Stuffers

Every Christmas I put together stockings and send them to my family back home. This year I figured since they already have several from over the years that I would do things a little different. After making the bulb wreath I had a lot of the empty containers that they came in so I used them to make stocking stuffers for the stockings they already have.


I filled them up with all of their favorite candy leaving some room at the top to add a few extra special things. 😉

I wrapped them up and added foil paper and ribbon to seal the tops. So simple to make which saved me a lot of time for another project coming soon. 🙂

WHISKing You A Merry KISSmas!

You read the title correctly. 😉 What do I mean by that though you ask?

Combine a Christmas kitchen dish towel/pot holder set, a whisk and a lot of Hershey kisses…


Fill the whisk with Hershey Kisses.

Wrap it with tinted transparent wrap and curling ribbon.

Add it to the dish towel/potholder set, place it in a fun Christmas bag, add a sweet tag that of course says just that

Whisking You A Merry Kissmas!

And you have a lovely handmade gift for someone special this holiday season.

This particular set I made for my Mama but I also made a few in different prints for the other ladies in my life. A  simple little something that you can make to say you care!