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Counting My Blessings On A Sunday Afternoon

Counting My blessings On A Sunday Afternoon 

is where I reflect on a few of the many blessing and special moments in my life at the end of every week♥   ljou

   This week I am especially thankful for!…

~We missed the Spring cleaning memo when it came to our garage so we did some fall cleaning / rearranging in it this week. I’m sleeping better at night now. Seriously. 😉 

~Soaking up some afternoon sunshine with my sweet, little man. ♥

~Lighted blossom trees in our entry room. I put one on each side of the arch way heading into the living room. I love the elegant feel and ambiance they add to the room.

~Hanging out in the back yard with the boys while Mister Mister grilled steaks on the bbq.

~October’s Ipsy bag. Review coming soon… Unfortunately, I wasn’t too thrilled with this month’s contents. Boo. I still enjoy the thrill of the surprise each month though. 

Thank You Lord,

for Your many gracious blessings in my life!


Counting My Blessings On A Sunday Afternoon

Counting My blessings On A Sunday Afternoon 

is where I reflect on a few of the many blessing and special moments in my life at the end of every week♥   


   This week I am especially thankful for!…

 ~Shopping for some crafty goodness with the Michael’s gift card Mister Mister’s mom gave me for Mother’s Day.

~I have such sweet childhood memories of visiting the Sonic drive in with my family. I’ve continued the memories with Lovey, going together when we are in the area during happy hour. There’s nothing like a limeaid on a hot day!

~A fun, fiesta themed baking order. Olay!

 ~A full week of nothing but sunny skies and warm temperatures and spending time outside each day enjoying it with Lovey.

~An early Mother’s Day celebration with Mister Mister’s mom. Lovey cuddled up on her lap and she read him a story then they played the afternoon away together while she and I had a great catch up conversation. Lovey and I always enjoy our time with her. ♥

~The thoughtful stranger who gave me a flower, then told me Happy Mother’s Day and that I am a beautiful Mom, while I was out and about with Lovey on Mother’s Day. It made my day.

~Mother’s Day spent with my sweet, little boy who makes it possible for me to embrace the day as a Mother. He is my whole world. ♥ 

Thank You Lord,

for Your many gracious blessings in my life!

Tick N’ Tater

For Christmas Lovey’s Grandparents got him a hot potato game which he loves to play. Over the weekend, while browsing the isles of Bed Bath & Beyond for Mother’s Day gift inspiration, Lovey spotted a water balloon version called Tick N’ Tater.

It was a near record-breaking, eighty-five degree day out and we were looking to take advantage of Mother Nature’s graciousness. I used my five dollar off coupon, bought it, then headed home to spend Sunday afternoon playing in the back yard with my cute, little hot potato fanatic. 😉 Untitled-2He chose which color balloons he wanted me to fill with water and he was in charge of putting them inside the potato.kiuyUntitled-1Oh sunshine, wont you shine down on me! thgtThe potato runs on a timer, slowly applying pressure to the balloon until eventually it pops. When the timer ran out one of us would end up wet followed by laughter from both of us. The sound of Lovey’s belly laughs always causes an inevitable chain reaction.♥j,Never a dull moment with this little boy. hkj

4 In 1…

I have combined what would have usually been four separate posts, had I posted them in a timely manner over a week ago, into one because I ended up behind on posting and continued to lose steam throughout last week.

Now it is time to play catch up!

So better late than never is our Easter weekend.

WARNING!… Picture overload!!! 🙂

Saturday morning we woke up early and headed to our church’s annual Easter carnival.

It began with an egg hunt for the kids.

Lovey was not sure what he was doing at first but with Daddy’s help, he quickly got the hang of it.


During last years carnival it was pouring rain.

This year it was a lovely warm and sunny day!

There were many fun activities for the kids like digging for a prize in a giant sand box.

Catching duckies in a net.

And picking a sucker from the sucker stand.

Suckers happen to be  Lovey’s favorite sweet treat. 🙂

There was a giant bounce house that looked like so much fun.

 After standing in line it was Lovey’s turn but when we took his shoes off so he could go inside he cried because he did not want his shoes off.

Once he was in though he went right to having some bouncy fun!


After the bounce house we headed over the snow cone booth which Mister Mister’s mom had volunteered to help run.

And the boys enjoyed a couple of hot dogs together.

There was a little area that had Tortoises for the kids to pet.

Have you ever pet a tortious? Neither have I! 😉

Nor has Lovey because he was not interested in touching them at all, but he did get a good up and personal look at one!

Before we left we stood in line for 30 minutes for Lovey to get his face painted.

He was a surprisingly very patient little boy waiting his turn.

Last year he had his face painted like a little bunny!

This year we went with a little car.

Or at least that is what it was supposed to be. 😉

Lovey did not know the difference though so to him it was a masterpiece!

After the carnival fun was done it was time to head back home for a nice long nap for Mommyand Daddy Lovey!

Later that afternoon Mister Mister had to work so it was up to Lovey and I to decorate eggs.

I opted to forgo the traditional egg coloring with dye and instead decorated plastic eggs with Elmo and friends Easter stickers.

You do not have to tell me  twice any time there is an opportunity, weather permitting, to be outside.

So I spread a blanket out in the grass and we went to work on our eggs.

Lovey was reading the instructions to me. 😉

He chose which stickers went on which color of eggs and I stuck them for him. He was proud off his eggs.

And rightfully so because he chose the perfect sticker and egg combination on them all! 😉

Afterwards, there was a game that came with the egg decorating kit which we played for a bit.

Then Lovey went for a little stroll around the yard taking in the last rays of the setting sun before we headed in for the evening.

The next morning I woke him up early because we had a busy day ahead of us.

 Hence the awesome hair do! haha

Last year Lovey was too small to really grasp the concept of what his Easter basket was all about but he still smiled with excitement because he saw that Mister Mister and I was excited for him. 🙂

He loved the stuffed bunny from Grammy and Grampy that sang Jesus Loves Me.

And trying candy for the first time!

This year he caught on right away and loved his Elmo basket. 🙂

He had so much fun pretend fishing with the fishing pole from Grammy and Grampy!

And playing with his light up squishy ball from his Great, Great Aunt and Uncle!

He looked so cute in his “Hoppy Easter” pajamas. 🙂

And oh so handsome in his Easter outfit!

During church he colored this for me. 🙂


After service we went to Mister Mister’s mom’s house for Easter lunch.

I made Easter egg cookies.

I used them to decorate the Easter cake that I made as well.

Checking out what his Aunt, Uncle and Cousins had gotten for him. 🙂

Lovey had fun playing with his cousins.

He became a little silly though when I was trying to take a group picture of them.

He is going to regret this picture someday! 😉

Then we headed home for a nap and some more Easter egg hunting.


Showing me his favorite egg!

Such a sweet little guy. ♥

We enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend and
could not have asked for more!