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Easter 2014

Easter egg decorating.


  Decorations around our house.  


Wreath that I made for my mom.  

Easter crafts. 


Little Easter Bunny chalk.

  Easter morning.  




  Ending our Easter by putting together blessing bags to deliver to people in need. Lovey was so excited to help.  



Golden Christmas

Christmas 2013, our golden Christmas. A lot of love, a lot of memories and a lot of gold, literally. I naively bought gold glitter wrapping paper to go with our white and gold color scheme and boy was that a sparkly mess. I digress. A special Christmas none the less.d27

Christmas Eve afternoon at Mister Mister’s parents house.d49


Nana knows her Hot Wheels loving grandson all too well.d71

A tire shaped toy box to keep his cars in.d63


An early Christmas gift to Mister Mister from Lovey and I.

That is one leather wearing, happy man.d31

My Christmas Eve gift to the boys, light up remote control cars. I had eyed these on the Christmas toy palooza, that is the home shopping network come December, for a couple of years and finally caved. There were no regrets.d32

Racing in the kitchen until T-minus one hour before Santa was due to arrive.d30Christmas morning, stocking time!d36

Who needs rose-colored glasses when you have Christmas tree tinted ones?!  Just saying.

d37He asked Santa for Hot Wheels and a yo-yo. Santa came through on both requests!d1A tire shaped yo-yo to go with the Hot Wheels, Santa is so witty.d33Always adding to Mister Mister’s Arizona Cardinals collection.d12d2d21Such a cutie.d17Lovey received a train table as a gift from Mister Mister and I and the boys spent hours putting it together and then playing.z1z6z7Cozy new blanket cuddles.d13Christmas flowers from my boys.d47Our Christmas dinner that I prepared.d56Christmas card love, one of my very favorite kinds of love. xo d41


The Grotto’s Festival Of Lights

After a visit with Mister Mister’s parents and gift exchange followed by Christmas Eve dinner we then spent the rest of the evening at The Grotto’s Festival of Lights, a local church sanctuary’s Christmas celebration.  photo-1photo-2g22The paths were illuminated with scriptures.g3A procession of angels appeared to fly above through the trees.g4g26Untitled-4g25There was a petting zoo with goats and a baby lama, as well as a biblically based puppet shows for the kids.g5Untitled-5g8g16A breath-taking nativity scene was nestled into the cove of a mountain.g9Candle lit prayers lined the walls.g1

The church was lit up beautifully inside and out for midnight mass.g21g11There were “prayer trees” that guests were welcomed to contribute to. A lovely gesture of community and touching experience as we read through them.


Of course there were so many lights! So many beautiful, beautiful lights.g24g20g15g19Kisses beneath the twinkling lights, wrapping up our favorite season that always fills our hearts with joy and light!g23

Halloween 2014

Lovey and I made doughnuts for breakfast. He added the Halloween sprinkles.IMG_1260-0
After picking Lovey up from school we had scary face pancakes at IHOP.


He wanted to be Michelangelo from the Ninja Turtles this year.

Happy Halloween Ninja Turtle style!

We trick or treated at the mall first.

And ran into Quail Man, a childhood favorite of mine.


Then we trick or treated around our neighborhood.





It was the first Halloween in years that Mister Mister was able to take off from work and spend with us so we were really happy to have the time with him.





Our favorite decorated house in our neighborhood. The full moon above it couldn’t have been more perfect.


And of course Lovey made out like a candy bandit. It was definitely one of our best Halloweens in years.



We didn’t make it to the pumpkin patch and carve pumpkins like we usually do but Lovey and I did manage to snag a few mini pumpkins from the grocery store and have a little painting party.














Fall Scents 2014

f2Mister Mister always says that one of the things he most looks forward to coming home to after a long day at work is how inviting our home always smells when he opens the front door. With that in mind, I look forward to each season and incorporating its iconic scents into our space. Fall is always my favorite, perhaps it most reminds me of the scents around my childhood home as I was growing up and I find comfort in that. It’s amazing what a key role scent plays in our memories. Fall scents run from the first of September through Thanksgiving day in our home. Thanksgiving night or even the next day begins Christmas scents as decorating is in full swing. It may be odd that I have a rotating scent schedule but I like to plan ahead so it works for me!

Bath & Body Works is my favorite, they never disappoint and  I prefer them over Yankee and even Scentsy. I usually pick one to two scents that work together nicely. I’m a bargain shopper and love a sale and discount. I never pay full price so I am able to get enough to last the entire season and extras to share with friends and family. I like to share the smelly goodness!

Last fall I chose Pumpkin Cupcake and Nutmeg Spice. This year they offered the entire Pumpkin Cupcake line which I went with again but they only offered the wallflower plug-in bulbs in the Nutmeg Spice. New this year was the entire line of Harvest Gatherings. I instantly fell in love with the name and the scent so I had found our fall scent duo…

Pumpkin Cupcake: “Satisfy your sweet tooth with the scent of a freshly baked pumpkin cupcake covered in loads of rich buttercream frosting.” — My all time favorite fall scent each year. As long as they continue to offer it, it will be a staple scent in our home!

Harvest Gathering: “Enjoy the richness of Autumn in this mixture of red apple, cinnamon leaf and tart cranberry,” — Replacing Nutmeg Spice from last year, this is a truly fall scent, evoking chilly mornings and cozy evening by the fire.

I like to layer the scents between wall flower plug-ins – giving off the constant scent. Candles – for cozying up with my boys in the evenings. Antibacterial hand soap, simply a given and room spray – for an extra burst of scent love.

Banana Nut


f1I bought this adorable mini banana nutmeg scented mason jar candle at Bath & Body works. I asked the sweet girl there to wrap it up for me.

At home, I baked a couple mini loaves of banana nut bread and wrapped them up as well. I sent it all to my parents as an early happy fall!