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Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cake

A red velvet cream cheese cake with fondant pearls that I made recently.

I love how elegantly it turned out.v2




photo 4


A Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Mister Mister’s mom’s birthday at our house a few weekends ago. We invited her over for a BBQ and we sat out on the patio soaking up some mid afternoon sunshine and feeling the lovely breeze.v5


 Lovey said “her gift smells exactly like Nana.” ♥v10I baked her a red velvet cream cheese cake.v9The boys were extra sweet and washed her car as she and I sat on the front porch and watched them hard at work.v16We love her very much and are thankful for all the love and support she gives to us.



Celebrating Mister Mister’s 31st birthday.t1

These two!… Seriously the cutest.t2

Lovey was eager to help him open his gifts.t3The back scratcher that Lovey gave him was definitely a hit for the both of them.t4

The birthday cake that I made for him.t5

Making a wish. I hope it comes true!


He put his new bbq supplies to good use and did some grilling before heading off to work.t7

I hope Lovey and I made him feel special and let him know how very loved he is. ♥




Monday was Mister Mister’s birthday, the big 3-0!
“The ending of an era and the turning of a page…”

He woke up and came downstairs to find a Happy Birthday banner with all of his cards, that Lovey and I put up for him.bnWe had dinner at the birthday boy’s restaurant of choice, a sea food place over looking the Columbia River.rygoo9Sipping on a shark bite and soaking up the warmth of the sun on the patio.iikThe rest of the day was spent together at home. ftfI made him an Oreo ice cream cake and Lovey and I sang him Happy Birthday before he blew out the candles and made a wish.Untitled-27ui7o9trI hope Lovey and I made him feel as truly special as he is to us. ♥ er4wr


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Spring Cake

Happy first day of Spring!

I hope you were able to enjoy some real Spring weather wherever you were at today. As for where we are, the weather seemed a little confused to say the least, with a high of 52. There was pouring rain, hail and sunshine interspersed among one another for the duration of the day. You have to love the Pacific Northwest, at least that is what I keep telling myself. 😉

 All be it not inspired by the Spring weather, or rather lack there of, today I was inspired to bake. The outcome, a lemon cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and fondant flowers. 

I’m a little obsessed with the color yellow as of lately, especially when paired with this beautiful, vibrant turquoise color.

L.o.v.e. IMG_3502I used a frosting technique I have wanted to try for a while.

It’s a keeper and I will be using it often from now on.

I really like the visual interest it adds to the cake.

IMG_3504bWith Lovey’s help, we made flowers out of edible play dough fondant.  Nothing too fancy, just basic flowers from some left over fondant I made for a recent customer order. I tinted the fondant a vivid turquoise, rolled it out, then Lovey helped me cut out the flowers. We added a yellow frosting center to each one then placed them on the cake.IMG_3507The light lemon cake flavor and fondant flowers ended up bringing an element of Spring to our day after all!IMG_3499

Ducky Baby Shower

Last month I was asked to cater the desserts for a family friend’s baby shower. She was having her first child, a little girl and the shower theme was ducky with a pink twist! Cake and cookies both were cherry vanilla flavored as requested by the mommy to be.knkjI made six dozen handcrafted chocolate duckies with pink bows on their heads to top the cupcakes.jnbSplish-splash rubber duckies in the bubble bath!mknjAn 8 inch double round cake for the family to cut.

khihFour dozen ducky cookies.jjnhkij1

Congratulations to the family on the arrival of your sweet, little chick! 😉