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Golden Christmas

Christmas 2013, our golden Christmas. A lot of love, a lot of memories and a lot of gold, literally. I naively bought gold glitter wrapping paper to go with our white and gold color scheme and boy was that a sparkly mess. I digress. A special Christmas none the less.d27

Christmas Eve afternoon at Mister Mister’s parents house.d49


Nana knows her Hot Wheels loving grandson all too well.d71

A tire shaped toy box to keep his cars in.d63


An early Christmas gift to Mister Mister from Lovey and I.

That is one leather wearing, happy man.d31

My Christmas Eve gift to the boys, light up remote control cars. I had eyed these on the Christmas toy palooza, that is the home shopping network come December, for a couple of years and finally caved. There were no regrets.d32

Racing in the kitchen until T-minus one hour before Santa was due to arrive.d30Christmas morning, stocking time!d36

Who needs rose-colored glasses when you have Christmas tree tinted ones?!  Just saying.

d37He asked Santa for Hot Wheels and a yo-yo. Santa came through on both requests!d1A tire shaped yo-yo to go with the Hot Wheels, Santa is so witty.d33Always adding to Mister Mister’s Arizona Cardinals collection.d12d2d21Such a cutie.d17Lovey received a train table as a gift from Mister Mister and I and the boys spent hours putting it together and then playing.z1z6z7Cozy new blanket cuddles.d13Christmas flowers from my boys.d47Our Christmas dinner that I prepared.d56Christmas card love, one of my very favorite kinds of love. xo d41



Pumpkins And Bats And Mice, Oh My!


Halloween decorating was a lot of fun this year.


Our fireplace mantle in the living room. h1Pumpkin topiareies that I made, probably my favorite addition this year.h2I scored both led candles and the witch pumpkin on clearance at Kohls last year a few months after Halloween so they were nearly 70% off!w3I repurpose our usual candles for every holiday by just adding ribbon. Cheap, quick and always adds a lot of holiday feel to every room. h3w1Bath & Body Works Trick Or Treat candles worked in perfectly.w2I added a little Halloween spirit to the kitchen as well.w4

Lovey’s favorite decoration, Mr. Pumpkin. He talks when you press his nose. He’s a pretty fun fella’ and I can see why he’s Lovey’s favorite.h4Our entry table all dressed up for Halloween.

I love being greeted by a table of cheer, whatever season it may be, when I first walk through our door. It’s always the first area that I decorate and the last one that I put away until the next year. h5w6I brought the wreath in that I made last year from hanging on the front door and found it a new home on the entry mirror.w5I was so pleased with our stairs. Cute and just a touch of creepy with the mice cut outs. Decorating our stairs this way will definitely be a Halloween tradition from now on. h6


Snow Flurries

We had a unseasonable cold spell last week that brought record snow flurries our way. Lovey was already off from school that day and Mister Mister ended up having it off from work as well because of freezing temperatures. We didn’t mind, cozy pajamas and snow gazing was perfectly fine with us.f4

First Day Of Kindergarten

Lovey’s first day of Kindergarten!

The beginning of a new chapter in our family’s life.10609482_10201654879774254_105848615329875200_naOh so handsome!10547694_10201654880094262_2124105875717073878_n


These words couldn’t ring any truer…10352997_10201654882734328_76540340619298302_nWhat has since became an everyday tradition. He loves to pick out the post it color I write his note on and I love that he has a heart for details just like his Mama.1908079_10201654885294392_9005642093039450287_n

10644944_10201654882934333_Such a fearless and independent little boy. He couldn’t have been more excited for his first day of school. He makes my heart so very happy.10610732_10201654884174364_

Getting ready for the big day ahead.10660317_10201654883214340_4907020321857363620_nMorning prayer.10511285_10201654883654351_2390851324860947126_nOh the places you will go our sweet boy. 10592725_10201654880654276_

After school, congratulations balloons were in order for the first day of one of the most important journeys of his life. Way to go Pal, Mommy and Daddy couldn’t be more proud!10614235_10201654885814405_4133740243193855170_n

Soccer Boy

    Since Lovey was a small boy he’s had a fascination with soccer.

Yesterday he and I played a few games in the backyard. We pretended to be captains of our own teams. He named his The Alphabets and I named mine The Rollie Pollie Ollies.s3s2ss1The Alphabets won, 20-19, per Lovey’s score keeping.s4