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Ipsy Street Style

ipsySeptember Ipsy ~ Street Style

What I received in mine!…

*Cailyn lip gloss. I loved this! Beautiful color, perfect for fall. Definitely my favorite product in this month’s bag.

*Crown crease/shadow brush. I use my Urban Decay Naked eye pallets 99% of the time so I didn’t really need this but that being said, it seems to be of good quality and I will eventually use it with some of my odd and end shadows.

*Pacifica grey eyeliner pencil. Only half sized and not an automatic roll out pencil which I prefer since by the time I seem to get a pencil properly sharpened half of it is gone!… Still,  it’s a color that I don’t have so at least it’s something new.

*Nourish Organic face cleanser – cucumber and watercress. I wish ipsy would please, please, please quit sending me items from any of their organic lines. No offense to organic as whole but every single organic thing they have sent me has smelled terrible to me and will be getting zero use.

*Mitchell And Peach luxury hand cream. While not technically organic, this had a similar awful scent. So disappointed. On a random note though, it is made in England and since my mom loves all things English I will send it to her. Perhaps it will pass her scent test.

I like the bag, it’s a little edgy as I think they intended for it to be with the gun-metal grey color and silver studs along the top. The material is very thin and cheaply made though so I do not think it would hold up for long carried around in my purse.


Ipsy Beauty Schooled

photoknknmAugust Ipsy ~ Beauty Schooled

What I received in mine!…

*Free your mane hair reviving spray. I haven’t used this yet but it’s definitely a product I don’t mind giving a try. I think it’s a little like dry shampoo which I love. It’s a nice travel size so I threw it in my purse incase I ever need to freshen up my do on the go!

*Urban Decay Perversion mascara. I’m an Urban Decay purest so of course I loved it and it was by far my favorite and most used item in the bag. It definitely perks up my lashes, adding length and fullness. The only thing I didn’t like though is that the wand seems to hold too much product so if I didn’t put a little extra effort into scraping down the wand as I pulled it out of the tube I would have ended up with spider lashes.

*Lord & Berry black eyeliner pencil. Only a sample size on this one, half of a regular sized eyeliner pencil made it feel like I was getting ripped off a little. Even still,  it’s  handy to throw in my purse for an emergency touch up.

*Manna sheer glo shimmer lotion. Again, I was very disappointed with how teeny-tiny the sample was but a sample none the less. It’s odorless and adds a faint pink glow to your skin. I’ve used it over my blush which adds a nice dewy look.

*Jersey Shore Sun Mongongo Chapstick. Very moisturizing and an interesting flavor, mandarin green orange ginger – that’s a mouthful to say! Definitely not a flavor I would usually choose especially since I hate ginger with a passion but somehow it all works together quite well.

Very cute bag print, a nice farewell to summer colors. I liked it so much that I really wanted to do my nails the same white with orange polka dots but I never got around to it, perhaps next summer. The bag shape was something new which I can appreciate but after being smooshed in the mail it came out kind of wonky.

Ipsy Sensationally Sunkissed

bghbhgnjkoijuyJuly’s Ipsy: Sensationally Sunkissed!

What I received in mine….

*Be Fine daily moisturizer. I already have a main face moisturizer that I use and this didn’t have that great of a scent anyways. So I use it on Mister Mister when I pamper his face before bed sometimes.

*Whet nail polish. Surprisingly  I didn’t really like this color. I’s like an electric purplish/blue. I did have my nails cobalt blue recently so I dig the blues just not this one. Perhaps it will grow on me and one day I will put it to use. Until then it will be taking up space in my drawer of nail goodies.

*Bare Minerals cream eye shadow. I like this, it is almost a grey mud color. I’m not sure what shade it is exactly as the teeny tiny sample size it came in didn’t have it printed on it. I swatched it on my hand and was happy with the color and consistency. I’m sure I will give it a try this fall. 

*Hang Ten tanning oil. I haven’t tried this and don’t know that I will, I’m not much of a sun goddess.

*Pixie lip balm, probably the best product out of the entire bag. It goes on clear and just gives your lips a pretty shine as it moisturizes. It does have a mint flavor to it though which I am not a fan of.

The bag was cute, something different. It was square and hot pink with scalloped edges. It kind of reminded me of a ravioli lol.

Ipsy Pretty In Paradise

photo 1ipsyJune Ipsy Pretty In Paradise!

What I received:

*Be A Bombshell mascara. I have received other Be A Bombshell products in previous Ipsy bags and I was happy with them. That was not the case with this masara though. It did nothing to lengthen my lashes or make them appear fuller and it had a very overwhelming chemical/ plastic odor. It was also as if the tube was old and dried out even though it was brand new. I ended up tossing it out.

*NYX lip gloss in shade apple streusel. I was happy to receive this because I had wanted to try this line out. I love this gloss; color, taste, consistency. It made me want to purchase one in each shade!

*Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray for my hair. I wasn’t excited to receive his because I have stick straight hair and never even attempt the beachy tasselled look because it wont hold. It has a very summery, coconut scent to it. I haven’t tried this product yet but I will give it a shot before summer comes to an end and update this post.

*Laneige BB cushions. Another product I have yet to try. Maybe in the back of my head I’m saving it for a special occasion or date night! It came with three samples; light, medium, dark and an applicator sponge. I get that they give a variety of colors in with the sample but obviously the dark is of no use to me. I figure possibly I can mix the dark with concealer and create a shade that I could use?! At least that way it doesn’t go to waste. We will see.

*Nickak New York green shimmer liquid eyeliner. I think I would have preferred the blue option but the green will go well when I wear purple eye shadow. A product that I would not have purchased on my own but that I didn’t mind receiving in my bag. 

The bag print reminded me of  Hawaiian vacation. I like the black with the red lining. I’m a definite floral lover but these in particular are not my favorite. Still a cute bag overall.    

Ipsy Glam It Up

ipsyNovember’s Ipsy theme was Glam It Up!

I liked everything and have used most of it. I really loved the gold bag because I have really been into gold tones lately. Plus there was a bonus sixth item this month.

What I received:…

*Nailtini nail polish in shade Champagne. Everyone received either silver or gold. I was hoping to get gold so I was happy.

*Pixie bronzer in shade subtly suntouched. It’s a darker bronzer that will be perfect for summer time.

*Galaxy Chick baked eyeshow in shade asteroid. The packaging was top-notch, the box that the shadow is in unfolds and then has a magnetic closer when it is folded back up. As for the color, I would say it is metallic blue/copper swirled. More copper than blue. Perfect for using on the crease of your eye lids. 

*Starlooks eye liner in shade Topaz, a metallic silver color. It is not a shade that I would use on a daily basis but it makes for a fun change on date nights. 

*EM mascara in shade brown. I buy black mascara and that is what I would have preferred but the brown will still get used. I will probably use it in the fall when I wear a lot more earthy tones.

*Bombshell lip crayon in shade shameless. A lovely berry shade.

*And of course the gold clutch that was lined in hot pink. Love!

Ipsy The Art Of Beauty

o38My October Ipsy Review: The Art Of Beauty.

I had very mixed feelings about my October bag…

This is what I received in my bag and what I thought of the products.

*Zoya nail polish in emerald. I was hoping I would receive the blue Zoya but I am very happy with emerald. I was not happy though with how the polish box was smashed up terribly by the time I received it.

*LA Fresh face wipes.I would not have purchased them on their own because I already have a face wipe brand that I like a lot better. They were decent and worth trying something new. They have a nice scent but disappointed me because they were very thin and dry out very quickly before I could finish half of my face.

*Big Sexy blow dry volumizing gel. I was happy to receive this in my bag but have yet to use it. I do not blow dry my hair often and when I do I forget that I have this. I’ll update once I have given it a try.

 *Starlooks lip liner pencil. I was completely bummed to receive this because I do not wear lipstick and I specifically marked no lipstick on my quiz.

*Nourish organic lotion. I was very disappointed with this lotion. I am not a fan of coconut / tropical scented products to begin with but this lotion takes it to a whole new level. It smells terrible, so much so that I would not even pass it on to someone else who does generally enjoy those scents. Not to mention that the travel size was definitely on the cheap side but that was the least of my concerns once I opened the bottle. 

*Last but not least is the bag itself.  It’s very cute and picks up some of the slack of its contents. “Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” ♥

Ipsy Classic Beauty Review

In September I began a monthly subscription called Ipsy.

It’s ten dollars a month to receive five beauty products in a cute makeup bag. Products and brands vary and are chosen for you by beauty consultants according to a quiz that you take before you begin your subscription,

What girl wouldn’t look forward to a girly surprise in the mail each month wrapped in hot pink, metallic packaging!? So far, I’m really happy that I jumped on the Ipsy bandwagon. It is something fun, just for me, to look forward to each month!ipsyMy September’s Ipsy bag review!…

September’s theme was Classic Beauty.

This is what I received in my bag and what I thought of the products…  

*NYX single eye shadow, shade Fantasy. It is a quality shadow, great pigment. It’s a color I very well may use like a bronzer on my cheeks. I have a similar ULTA brand single shadow, shade Lustre, that I use that way. I just ran out of the ULTA shadow so the NYX will likely be its replacement. 

*Pop beauty pouty pop crayon, in shade Rose Romance. I am not a lipstick wearing girl but I really like this crayon. It’s a nude pink, a shade I can see myself wearing often. I also really like the fact that it’s a roll out crayon and not one that needs sharpening.

*Chella ivory lace highlighter. Not something I would have picked out to buy on my own but I’m happy that I received it none the less. A perfect under brow highlighter.

*SatrLooks eye liner in shade Obsideon. I would have prefered for it to be a roll out liner because I do not like having to sharpen any kind of makeup pencil. It is still a great addition to my bag especially since I had just bought a new liner, Revlon brand, that was terrible. It was like wax and would not adhere to my eyelids even at room tempt. So this eyeliner came in the nic of time and covers very well.

*It’s So Big – black mascara. A no brainer, every girl can use another black mascara to put back for a day we happen to run out. It’s a half sized tube, I would have preferred a full but I’m not complaining. I tried it out one day when I couldn’t find my usual one. I don’t know that it makes my lashes so big but it gets the job done.  

It all came in a very cute makeup bag, cobalt blue with black floral lace overlay design. Everything about my first Ipsy bag received my approval!