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Hot Wheels Birthday

Lovey’s 4th Birthday was Hot Wheels themed, perfect for my little Hot Wheels loving boy!

  Lovey and Daddy.  


Snow Flurries

We had a unseasonable cold spell last week that brought record snow flurries our way. Lovey was already off from school that day and Mister Mister ended up having it off from work as well because of freezing temperatures. We didn’t mind, cozy pajamas and snow gazing was perfectly fine with us.f4

First Field Trip

I had the pleasure of accompanying Lovey on his first field trip. We saw a local children’s theater’s production of Annie the musical. Lovey and I had watched Annie the movie several times in preparation of his field trip so it was fun to listen to him sing along to all the songs; “…I love you tomorrow! ♥” Someday we are going to see a broadway show together but for now this was a good start!

f1Getting morning work done before heading out.f3The kids were all excited that they got to wear special name tags while on the field trip.f5Lovey’s first school bus ride as we made our way to the performance hall.f7These cute boys giggled through the entire show.f2A lot of firsts marked off for this little guy, first field trip, first bus ride and first musical. I’m glad I was able to be there with him and snap a few photos along the way for the scrapbooks!f6a


First Day Of Kindergarten

Lovey’s first day of Kindergarten!

The beginning of a new chapter in our family’s life.10609482_10201654879774254_105848615329875200_naOh so handsome!10547694_10201654880094262_2124105875717073878_n


These words couldn’t ring any truer…10352997_10201654882734328_76540340619298302_nWhat has since became an everyday tradition. He loves to pick out the post it color I write his note on and I love that he has a heart for details just like his Mama.1908079_10201654885294392_9005642093039450287_n

10644944_10201654882934333_Such a fearless and independent little boy. He couldn’t have been more excited for his first day of school. He makes my heart so very happy.10610732_10201654884174364_

Getting ready for the big day ahead.10660317_10201654883214340_4907020321857363620_nMorning prayer.10511285_10201654883654351_2390851324860947126_nOh the places you will go our sweet boy. 10592725_10201654880654276_

After school, congratulations balloons were in order for the first day of one of the most important journeys of his life. Way to go Pal, Mommy and Daddy couldn’t be more proud!10614235_10201654885814405_4133740243193855170_n