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Instagram Round-Up!

* * * April Favorites! * * *instagram

Toys R’ Us Kid. Playing trains with Daddy. Pirate rubber ducky. Lovey and I. Shark attack. Couch Potatoes. My cool guys. A sunny afternoon stroll. Sleepy Elmo. Backwards sleepin’.  Frito Pie just like Mama makes.  Father and son cuddles.  Team cheesy garlic bread.  Tuckered out and sound asleep in bed. Little monkey 4


Instagram Round-Up!

* * * March Favorites! * * *instagram

My birthday. Lovey’s birthday. Roses from my love. Hot Wheels galore. Nana. Papa. Hazelnut fraps. St. Patrick’s Day. Baby Lovey cuddles. Spring cake. First warm days of the year. Bubble bath rock band. German Chocolate cupcakes. All things Easter. Lovey Bunny. Handsome little man. Sleepy boy. Life’s Moments.a1a4a9a2a3a5a7a8a6

Instagram Round-Up!

* * * Favorite August Instagram photos! * * *

Summer. Beach. Swimming.  Zebra Cake. Road Pedi. Tillamook Cheese Factory. Cheesy Mouse Obsession. Back Seat Cutie. Ripley’s Belive It Or Not. Crazy Sleepers. Celebrarting. Oregon Coast Aquarium. Water Front. Victoria’s Secret. Sun Hat. Quad Rides. Train Rides. Snow Cones. Family. Memories.