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Birthday Love

Birthday love that I made and sent to my big brother for his special day.

 What says love more than sprinkles?! 

Happy Birthday, Brother. I love you lots! xo



Chocolate Bunnies

Where has April gone?! I’m a little behind on both making and then posting about my Easter crafts and baking so I’m giving you a heads up that all my posts for the next week will likely consist only of such. 😉 

A few months ago Mister Mister’s mom bought me this cute bunny shaped pan.At first I thought I would make little bunny cakes for Easter but since then I have changed my mind and have a  whole new game plan for what I am making for after Easter dinner. 😉

Of course I did not want such cute little bunny faces to go to waste so I decided to make chocolate bunnies.

  I made half traditional milk chocolate and the other half cookies and cream by adding in ground cookie crumbs to white chocolate before I poured it into the mold.

Then I wrapped each one up in a square of this festive gift wrap and tied with a curling ribbon!

Spumoni Cookies

I may not be Italian but I love Italian Spumoni ice cream!

So when I found this Spumoni cookie recipe I knew I had to give it a try!

Spumoni ice cream is a lot like Neapolitan ice cream except instead of chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla it consists of chocolate, Cherry and Pistachio.

It really is soo good!

The recipe calls for choclate chips, Marischino Cherries and Pictachios.I made the cookie dough and folded it all in along with a box of instant pistachio pudding.Bake at 350 for ten minutes. They come out with a slight green tint and paired with the red bursts of cherry they make a festive cookie for the holidays. 🙂

Potluck Cake

Mister  Mister’s Mom had a potluck at her work today and she asked me to bake her a cake to take.

I made a bunt cake and added a little pudding to the batter to make it extra moist and drizzled chocolate frosting over it and finely grated a little chocolate over the top.

Hopefully she saved me a piece! 😉 

Chocolate Cherry Nut Cookies

Around my house every year at christmas time we look forward to when the holiday flavored Hershey’s Kisses hit the shelves at the grocery store.

In particular, the ones that taste like chocolate covered cherries.

This year I wanted to try to incorporate them into some baking. 🙂

So I made chocolate cookie dough and folded in a cup of finely chopped pecans.

Then as I formed each cookie I placed a cherry Kiss in the center.

They baked for about ten minutes, just untill the Kiss is melted and the cookies are  still nice and soft because that is how I like my cookies!


I am very pleased how they turned out.

You can really taste the cherry Kiss in each bite of the cookie.

They are their tastiest fresh out of the oven.

Then again, every cookie fresh out of the oven is! 😉

Mister Mister went as far as to say that these are the best thing I have ever baked.