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Celebrating Mister Mister’s 31st birthday.t1

These two!… Seriously the cutest.t2

Lovey was eager to help him open his gifts.t3The back scratcher that Lovey gave him was definitely a hit for the both of them.t4

The birthday cake that I made for him.t5

Making a wish. I hope it comes true!


He put his new bbq supplies to good use and did some grilling before heading off to work.t7

I hope Lovey and I made him feel special and let him know how very loved he is. ♥





Monday was Mister Mister’s birthday, the big 3-0!
“The ending of an era and the turning of a page…”

He woke up and came downstairs to find a Happy Birthday banner with all of his cards, that Lovey and I put up for him.bnWe had dinner at the birthday boy’s restaurant of choice, a sea food place over looking the Columbia River.rygoo9Sipping on a shark bite and soaking up the warmth of the sun on the patio.iikThe rest of the day was spent together at home. ftfI made him an Oreo ice cream cake and Lovey and I sang him Happy Birthday before he blew out the candles and made a wish.Untitled-27ui7o9trI hope Lovey and I made him feel as truly special as he is to us. ♥ er4wr

Celebrating Lovey Turning Three!!!

A long overdue post for sure and a lengthy one at that but a fun one, I promise!

We started a new birthday tradition this year for Lovey involving balloons – – many, many balloons! Is there anything more iconic than birthday balloons?! Just the sight of their vivid rainbow of colors incites a childlike giddy feeling inside me. I have always associated birthday balloons with a sense of being thought of, being special, being loved; for it’s someone’s special day and the balloons spread the cheer all the more.

So on Lovey’s special day he awoke to his room filled with birthday balloons.

A room filled with surprise and wonder and love.


Once the initial thrill of the balloon extravaganza had subsided 😉 he dressed in official birthday boy style.


Then off to Chucky Cheese for lunch and games we went.



Lovey was star struck meeting Chucky for the first time.


Since his party was the next day we let him open one gift to hold him over.

I made him a red balloon cake, as he said red was his favorite color ( for the moment that was. 😉 ) It was my first time working with fondant, not my finest baking endeavour – – but you live and you learn! —

Lovey was thrilled by it so I was happy.


Make a wish!

Yes, he definitely approved. 🙂


His party theme I had planed was a Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish book party. The party theme had a double meaning; one, he loves fish and of course loves the book because of that. Two, He and I both are March babies and I actually share the same birthday as the great philosopher himself. 😉 So all things Dr. Seuss hit home for the two of us.

Everything was planed down the last detail because that’s just how I operate but then…key the Womp! Womp! Womp! sound… that night I became sick and Mister Mister ended up having to work an extra long shift. Between me being on deaths door and Mister Mister being beat by the time he arrived home at 4am party morning, very sadly not much went the way I have envisioned from there on out. I had only half-finished his party cake, half decorated and half put the goody bags together by the time guests were due to arrive.

So we winged it.

 Mister Mister ran to the store and bought a small, dare I admit it, store bought cake for the cake cutting. Though I knew I would finish the cake and we would enjoy it, just the three of us better late than never and I knew that Lovey wouldn’t even notice if streamers never made their way to being hung I still felt disappointed in myself for not executing the party I had planed. Of course in the end the focus was about celebrating Lovey and the big boy he is becoming so and that’s exactly what we did. I let go of my expectations and tried to just be in the moment and soak up every minute with my newly three-year old boy.

  I made and designed majority of the party (or lack there of, sigh!) including:

-The invitations (graphics and bottom portion of the writing)

-The thank you tags on the goody bags (graphics)

-Goody bag sign (graphics)

-Autograph book sign (graphics)

-Water bottle labels

-Candy bar wrappers




The invitations said:

 “You would not! Could not! Want to miss a birthday party quite like this! March is the month, the 10th is the day, the party starts at twelve then we can all play! Please join us as we celebrate our little Lovey fish turning three!!!”

(His name is always covered for privacy.)

The welcome sign did make it to the front door in time for the guests to arrive, that counts for something right?! ha! 😉

Party hats.

 Super fun wreath. I was excited to find one fish two fish ribbon to use.

I loved, loved, loved these Dr.Seuss Chucks I bought for him to party it up in!


Lovey and his cousins.

The party boy and I.

Water bottles.

Book cover inspired candy wrappers.


The goody bags sign said:

 “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened! Don’t forget your goody bag!”

Goody bags with thank you tags that said;

 “Today was good! Today was fun! Thank you, thank you, everyone! Love, Lovey”


You should know by now that I’m a sucker for the sentimental side of things in life. I thrive on preserving memories in all kinds of forms, so having all the guests sign a copy of Dr. Seuss’s Happy Birthday To You! book seemed fitting.

The sign said:

Wait! Stop here you see and write a very special message to me! A birthday wish just give it a whirl, for your favorite three-year old boy! On the front, the back or on any of the pages, it’s something I’ll treasure for all of my ages!”

The infamous cake that made its appearance a day late and a party short. Regardless, my favorite cake that I have made to date!

I had seen several variations of the one fish two fish book cake and I knew I wanted Lovey’s to be a bit different. I wanted it to have something a bit extra special like the little guy it was intended for! So I  made the Cat’s Hat out of fondant and perched a small Cat In The Hat figure atop it which turned out to be one of my favorite elements. By far though my favorite part of the cake turned out to be that Lovey proudly called it his “cake book.” Ah yes, that is what it’s all about!

I also made coordinating fish cookies. Intended for the goody bags that never got handed out. Eventually eaten by me, feeling up the hole that was my guilty conscious for a party only half finished. Just kidding about that last part, mostly 😉 …but they really were tasty fishies, as Lovey would say!

Then as the party began to wind down there were gifts!





And what would a Dr. Seuss birthday party be without an honorary membership to the Dr.Seuss book club for the birthday boy.


Things don’t always go exactly as planned, more often than not actually and of that I am still learning!! Those are life’s moments when you are reminded why you put so much effort into things like birthday parties…the people you are do it for.

 Lovey’s birthday celebrations were filled with an abundance of love, wIth laughter, with fun and I hope with wonderful memories Lovey will carry with him. Memories that will always invoke feelings of happiness and bring a smile to his heart. That’s what all parents hope they fill their children with.

At the end of the day that is always enough because that is all that truly matters!

60th Birthday

Today is Mister Mister’s Dad’s 60th Birthday.

Yesterday after church family got together to celebrate with a Birthday lunch/dinner and cake and presents for him.

Mister Mister’s mom had gotten me a garnishing set for my Birthday that I have been itching to try.

So I made him a Birthday fruit basket.

I like how it turned out!

We had a nice time and are glad we could help him celebrate.

Happy Birthday Del we love you!