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The last quarter of 2012 Mister Mister was called to work out-of-town full-time.

 Consequently, the majority of our end of the year/holiday traditions ended up being canceled.

All be it sad and disappointed by this, we understood that it was necessary for the time being and we were thankful that he was given the job opportunity. 

Meanwhile, Lovey and I improvised, continuing to make memories because life couldn’t come to a complete standstill.

There are certain experiences, traditions and memories though of which we always want to consist of all three of us. For those things we would pick up where we left off the next year and make the most of the interim.

 Although time seemed to move ever so slowly as Lovey and I were missing Mister Mister while he was far away from home, in reality it flew by.

It left us and the upcoming back to back holidays in a whirlwind, so much so that I never manged a single holiday post!

 So this is a catch up post of our whirlwind, 2012 holiday season.    


Lovey chose to be his favorite Red Power Ranger for Halloween.

My favorite part of his costume was his matching candy bag.

 His favorite part was well, being a Power Ranger. 😉


We trick or treated briefly in Lovey’s Nana’s neighborhood then headed home to do the same in our own. 

Halloween reminded me how much I adore Lovey’s personality…  calm and courteous. He held my hand as we walked around our neighborhood. He rang the door bells {as he is tall enough to reach them on his own this year!} and waited patiently. He would say trick or treat in the sweetest voice then once offered his choice of candies he would take only one and say thank you.

It maskes a Mama’s heart proud to hear from others how well-mannered he is.

Untitled-7We are not too big on candy at our house so I let Lovey pick out two pieces to reward him for a job well done. He chose a sucker and a box of dots. I checked them and he was a happy boy. I put the rest away for Mister Mister to pick out a few pieces and me to pick out a few mini chocolates then the rest to give away. Seriously, who can eat that much candy anyways?! f6Lovey got ready for bed and put on his Halloween pjs which he had been anxiously waiting to get to wear that night. My little cutie. f7

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Mister Mister was off work and back home two days for Thanksgiving. 

I made dinner and dessert for the first Thanksgiving spent as just the three of us.

It was lovely.  

We pulled the Christmas tree out of the garage and began the decorating for the Christmas season.


We did some pre black friday shopping that night then regular black friday shopping the the next day.

Lonnng lines but good deals that I had organized on a list weeks in advance. Yep, I’m that lady carrying a list around as I shop even through the mayhem of the busiest shopping day of the year. It helps me stay focused so that I don’t end up like Dug in the movie Up… squirrel! likely resulting in a cart full of ridiculous purchases because you know, everything is on sale. 😉


Our favorite time of year.

So thankful that we were healthy, happy, warm and together.

We were so very blessed. IMG_3178Lovey received a special Toy Story stocking from his Tia K.ytbynb

IMG_3204Hand made blanket from his Great-Great Aunt J.

IMG_3181A favorite new game from Grammy and Grampy.


IMG_3185Untitled-4Opening gifts with Daddy.IMG_3195

Cozy new blanket snuggles.Untitled-3


I love you too, my sweet little Lovey!xasxa

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New Year’s Eve we received a light dusting of snow, enough to pique Lovey’s interest so we bundled up and spent some time playing in our back yard.  Afterwards I made us all hot cocoa to warm us up. 


That night, out of the blue Lovey put himself to bed without our help.

 There were certainly no complaints from us.

  Mister Mister and I managed to keep our eyes open until the midnight hour, long enough for a quick smooch and an exchange of Happy New Year.

Such party animals we are. 😉

* * * * * *

Having Mister Mister away all that time made the three of us cherish our family more than ever when he was back home with us.

The time that we did have together outweighed all that we didn’t.  


Counting My Blessings On A Sunday Afternoon

Counting My blessings On A Sunday Afternoon 

is where I reflect on a few of the many blessing and special moments in my life at the end of every week♥   

   This week I am especially thankful for!…

~Lovey and I spending time with Mister Mister’s mom. We went shopping and ended up with a few cute fall pieces of clothes, pj’s with cars on them and a new pair of shoes for Lovey. Then to dinner at Lovey’s favorite restaurant. It was a “Lovey is a very loved and dare I say spoiled little boy” kind of evening. 🙂

~Cooking and baking another weeks worth of meals and desserts for Mister Mister to eat while he’s working out-of-town. Home cooked meals even though he is far away from home. ♥

~I had been craving Pistachio ice cream all week so I finally caved and bought a pint (or two!) of Pistachio Haagan-Dazs. Craving satisfied!

~Customer order for me to make two dozen vanilla cupcakes with graham cracker crusts and white chocolate cream cheese frosting. Garnished with fresh strawberries and drizzled with white chocolate.

~Spending the last of the seventy degree days this year outside with Lovey. Soaking up the sunshine. Going for walks. Playing at the park. Enjoying the last of the flip-flop weather.

~Dinner at Olive Garden with my boys. I ventured outside of my box and even tried a new entre which I ended up loving, double win!

~The seaon premiere of Mister Mister’s and my favorite fall show. There’s no where I would rather be Sunday nights than snuggled up together watching it.

~A gospel hymn called Count Your Blessings being sung on the Christian tv channel I’m watching as I’m in the middle of typing this. Ironic? I don’t think so! Gives me happy goosebumps… I hear you God. ♥

Thank You Lord,

for Your many gracious blessings in my life!

Bite Of Oregon

We spent an afternoon sampling local cuisine and sweet treats at the recent

Bite Of Oregon festival.

One not so local food option was alligator on a stick!

 Mister Mister opted not to give it a try though and chose smoked salmon and roasted corn salad instead. It was a very hot day and we couldn’t seem to get enough of the Sparkling Ice sample stand. Trying it for the first time, they won us over as permanent customers with their delicious black raspberry and orange mango flavors.Fabulous fudge indeed!I was loving the black licorice flavor.I’ve never been a big fan of Jones Soda, too sweet even for my taste.

I sampled the french vanilla flavor for the first time that day and it wasn’t half bad though I usually love anything vanilla.

Mister Mister tried the green apple flavor which he said tastes like a Jolly Rancher, which clearly proves my “too sweet” point. 😉 Growing up in The South West I am still getting use to what is know there as Indian Fry Bread, is known here as “Elephant Ears.”  Whatever you call it we shared one and loved it as we took our seats to listen to the live music on stage. We grabbed some ice cream and cooled off in the shade as we watched The Nutrician Magician’s magic show.Lovey and I shared a scoop of Heart Break Healer in a waffle cone as Mister Mister sipped on his root beer float.Lovey had a front row seat to the magic show.Once we had sampled just about everything the festival had to offer, we went for a walk down the water front, taking in the city skyline.Like Father like son. ♥We ended the day in the golden hour, as the sun began to set, at the splash fountain.Always a favorite of Lovey’s, to him the epitome of what the water front is!

Super Bowl Menu

Super Bowl is upon once again!

Although Mister Mister has to work during the big game today, I made him some game day inspired snacks to take to work and share with all the guys so that they still feel like they are part of the football action!

I made “football cupcakes.” I free hand piped melted chocolate into the shape of mini footballs to add a 3D feel to them.

Remember the brown sugar and bacon wrapped sausages that always receive rave reviews? I didn’t have to ask Mister Mister twice if he wanted me to make a batch of those to take along as well. 😉

What are some of your favorite Superbowl recipes?

Fall Mix

I have a fun snack mix recipe that is perfect for any occasion this fall! 

 Everything I used to make it;I melted the chocolate, put it into the decorating bottle and drizzled it over half of the Cracker Jacks.Once the chocolate had set I mixed the Cracker Jacks in with the candy corn.I portioned it into candy bags and tied them closed with some curling ribbon.

So festive and perfect for sharing!

Brown Sugar & Bacon Wrapped Sausages

This is a really simple and tasty recipe from Our Best Bites.

I take the word of Mister Mister and his brother whom I make them for, when it comes to them being  tasty,  seeing as how I do not eat meat but I can vouch for the simple part.

Only three ingredients;

Little Smokies (I have made these with both the original and the cheddar kind so which ever one you prefer is fine)


Brown sugar.

You cut the strips of bacon into thirds  and wrap each sausage in a piece then secure it with a tooth pick.

Once you have them all on your baking sheet sprinkle brown sugar over the top and put them into the oven at 350 for 45-55 minutes.

They come out with the sugar caramelized adding some sweet to the salty. 🙂

Mister Mister loves the way the house smells after they have cooked.

I think they would be perfect for a sports party!