Handmade Card Technique Using Paper Napkins!

I find myself becoming more and more of a DIY-er 😉 all the time.

Whenever I have the resources and the time I like to customize!

I especially enjoy paper crafts like card making.

I came across this neat trick awhile back and had always wanted to try it out.

Then a couple of months ago when I saw these adorable Easter napkins I snagged them up and knew that making  Easter cards would be the perfect opportunity to try this technique.

What I used;

A pack of paper napkins (whatever print you like)

Cling wrap

Blank cardstock and envelopes (whatever size and color you prefer)

Printer paper

An iron



Glue dots

 Napkins come in either two or three-ply so you need to separate the layers so that you have only the layer with the printing on it. Discard the remaining layers.

Layer a piece of cling wrap over your folded card stock and then place your napkin on top of that, image side facing you.

Cover with two to three sheets of printer paper or whatever blank paper that you have handy.

Set your iron to the wool setting and slowly iron the paper for about a minute.

The heat will cause the napkin and cling wrap to fuse together and adhere to the cardstock.

Wait twenty seconds before lifting off the paper. If edges are not completely sealed, replace the paper and focus the iron in that area.

Trim the remaining napkin and cling wrap from around the card.

I repeated the same steps with a small strip of the napkins on the back of the envelopes so that they would coordinate. 😉

I cut the blank paper to size, colored polka dots around the edges with markers and attached them to the inside of the cards with a glue dots to write my message on. The polka dots detail took longer than I thought it would 😛 but I really like how it carried the bright colors to the inside of the cards as well!  

I am so happy with how they turned out, bright and cheery.

I bet you will never look at paper napkins the same again, I know I won’t! 😉


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