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Halloween 2013

I made a Halloween wreath for our front door during the season. I used orange, black and purple tulle and  worked an orange string of battery operated LED lights through the tulle.IMG_3848

I made Lovey a fun breakfast Halloween morning. Pancakes with a whip cream ghost on top that had mini chocolate chip eyes. I put chocolate syrup in his milk glass in the shape of a friendly ghost and lined the rim with Halloween sprinkles.hbI put a few goodies, a paint set and a small coloring book,  in his candy bucket to keep him occupied until time to go trick or treating.o45My little buddy and I wore coordinating socks. Lovey thought it was the neatest thing.o43Lovey chose Sponge Bob Square Pants as his costume this year. o35Sponge Lovey Square Pants! 😉a3And I was a witch for the evening.a1o44Mister Mister had to work on Halloween so it was just the little yellow guy and I trick or treating.hc11a4We love our neighborhood. Everyone really gets into the spirit during the holidays.hc13Lovey  was such a polite trick or treater, always saying please and thank you. hc12We had a fun Halloween together and Lovey made out like a little candy bandit!a2

The Cutest Little Elmo I Ever Did See

Trick or treating went well yesterday.

 Unfortunately Mister Mister had to work and although Lovey and I very much wish he could have been with us we still had fun.

We headed across town to Mister Mister’s mom’s house for dinner followed by trick or treating with Lovey’s cousins.Lovey had so much fun dressing up as Elmo.He was certainly the cutest little Elmo I ever did see. ♥ The neighborhood was so festive and a lot of fun for the kids to oooh and awww at all of the elaborate decorations.

This was my favorite house, I liked the giant pumpkin and friendly ghost. 🙂

The highlight of the night was definitely when Lovey unknowingly knocked on the door to Big Bird’s house.

Lovey’s eyes lit up as he excitedly yelled “Big Bord!!”

So of course a poto of the two was a must.As the night drew to an end we headed back to the kid’s Nana’s house for hot coco and to check out all the goodies that were collected.

A job well done by Elmo, a dinosaur, a cow girl and a 50’s poodle girl. 🙂  I will always remember how very sweet Lovey’s little voice was as he said trick or treat and how it warmed my heart on that chilly, Halloween night.