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Filled With {Love!}

I really enjoy making people feel special, making them feel loved. I think a thoughtful gesture and a little attention to detail in someone’s life does wonders for their heart. In turn, wonders for my own as well, so it’s a win-win situation for all who are involved. 😉

I put together these Valentine’s bags for special people in my life, filled with lots of {love!} & {heart!}

 Very Valentine cherry brownie bites.

Red Velvet cookies.

Hand made Valentine’s from Lovey and I.

 Chocolates and mini heart-shaped notebooks.


And my favorite of all, a Valentine balloon that self inflates when you open the pouch.

How neat is that?!

You just have to love the novelty gems you can find in the dollar section of Target! 😉

 Along with a few other miscellaneous goodies, I hope it all brings smiles to those people’s faces that I am blessed to have in my heart not just on Valentine’s Day but the whole year through!


Christmas Cocoa

I think this very well is my favorite hand-made gift to date. Also the most tedious to make might I add. Talk about a hand cramp after I curling more ribbon than I normally do in an entire Christmas season. 😉

Well worth it though I think, take a look!!

I portioned the cocoa and marshmallows into individual serving size bags.

Then I dipped spoons to stir the cocoa with into chocolate and added festive sprinkles.

In total I made twenty-nine! I hope all the recipients enjoy their cocoa on Christmas morning made with my special ingredient, LOVE!

Funny Face Pillows

This year for Christmas I decided to make a few handmade gifts.

The kid’s Nana had gotten them all new blankets so I thought I would make them pillows. 🙂

After I made their bodies and stuffed them I created their faces.

The kids really seemed to enjoy them. 🙂

I think the vibrant colors and funny faces are what made them a hit.

I also put each childs name on the back of the pillow.


I like how they each ended up having their own fun personalities! 


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