Ipsy Beauty Schooled

photoknknmAugust Ipsy ~ Beauty Schooled

What I received in mine!…

*Free your mane hair reviving spray. I haven’t used this yet but it’s definitely a product I don’t mind giving a try. I think it’s a little like dry shampoo which I love. It’s a nice travel size so I threw it in my purse incase I ever need to freshen up my do on the go!

*Urban Decay Perversion mascara. I’m an Urban Decay purest so of course I loved it and it was by far my favorite and most used item in the bag. It definitely perks up my lashes, adding length and fullness. The only thing I didn’t like though is that the wand seems to hold too much product so if I didn’t put a little extra effort into scraping down the wand as I pulled it out of the tube I would have ended up with spider lashes.

*Lord & Berry black eyeliner pencil. Only a sample size on this one, half of a regular sized eyeliner pencil made it feel like I was getting ripped off a little. Even still,  it’s  handy to throw in my purse for an emergency touch up.

*Manna sheer glo shimmer lotion. Again, I was very disappointed with how teeny-tiny the sample was but a sample none the less. It’s odorless and adds a faint pink glow to your skin. I’ve used it over my blush which adds a nice dewy look.

*Jersey Shore Sun Mongongo Chapstick. Very moisturizing and an interesting flavor, mandarin green orange ginger – that’s a mouthful to say! Definitely not a flavor I would usually choose especially since I hate ginger with a passion but somehow it all works together quite well.

Very cute bag print, a nice farewell to summer colors. I liked it so much that I really wanted to do my nails the same white with orange polka dots but I never got around to it, perhaps next summer. The bag shape was something new which I can appreciate but after being smooshed in the mail it came out kind of wonky.


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