Ipsy Fresh Picks


May Ipsy Fresh Picks

What I received:

*Av’ene Thermal Spring Water. Fancy French water in an aerosol can… give or take.  I haven’t really used it because the pamphlet that came with it talks about what a precious commodity it is so I want to make sure I use it sparingly. Something new to try that I probably otherwise never would have.  

*Pacifica eye shadow duo. Yet another neutral eye shadow sent my way. Not excited and not quite bummed about it either. It’s a bag filler item for me and that’s about it.  

*Too Faced Chocolate Soleil. I was beyond thrilled to receive this! One of my all time favs from Ipsy. It really smells like chocolate and is just a great product. I use it everyday for contouring. It was only a sample size but seems like it will still last me awhile. When it runs out I will definitely purchase a full size version. Love it.

*Hang Ten sunscreen. It’s sunscreen, there’s not much to say about it. The sample size is perfect for throwing in my purse though which is exactly what I did with it.

*Eva-nye hair mask. I don’t think this was a full-sized product but definitely at least a deluxe sample size. Enough to get 3-4 uses on my long hair. I’ve used it once and it was okay. Since my hair is platinum blonde I am always happy to try new products that will replenish moisture to my hair. I couldn’t decide if I liked the scent or not. I kept going back and forth between yes, I did like it and no, I didn’t because it possibly reminded me of what I imagined what one of the woman from the Golden Girls would smell like… Super random I know. I did like the coral colored packaging though if that counts for anything at all!

 The bag itself was something new, made of canvas material. The material and the organic-ish print made me smile because it is very Pacific Northwest-ish…

Emphasis on the “-ish!”


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