Winter Blast

In February we had a snow storm that the local news stations called Winter Blast. It was the most snow that we had seen in the almost five years that we have lived here in the North West. Mister Mister’s work was cancelled and we were snowed in our neighborhood for several days. We took it in stride and had ourselves a staycation. It was filled with snow ball fights, snow angels, snowmen, snowy walks, snow exploring, snow coloring and all things snow related for the five days we were home together.  Winter Blast 2014 will always hold a lot of fun memories for us.       w29 w41 w3 w5 w9 w11 w16 w17 w24 w39 w38 w37 w33 w34 w32 w31 w35 w25 w27 w28 w23 w21 w20 w19 w14 w30 w40 w26 w18 w2


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