Ipsy The Look Of Love

ipIpsy’s February bag theme was The Look Of Love ♥

This is what I received in mine…

*Zoya polish in the color dot. It is a really subtle pale pink that I really like.

*City Colors Be Matte Blush in shade fresh melon. I was happy to receive this. It is in a shade that works for my skin tone, plus my other blush was broken into a million messy pieces for a while so I was glad to have a new one that is all in one piece.

*Pop Beauty lip gloss in shade peony. It is a pretty color that I will wear, almost a mauve. I always enjoy the Pop Beauty lip products, great pigment and staying power. Also, I really like how the gloss applicator’s handle feels like velvet in your hand, a nice touch.

*IPKN NewYork BB Cream in shade light. It’s sad that even the light shade was too dark for me lol. It will be perfect for summer though when I aspire to be to a shade or two past my normal pale! It also has a really nice, soft scent.

*A tube of liquid eye shadow that unfortunately has no label and I can’t remember what brand it was. It does have the little martini symbol on the cap like the nailtini polishes do so that may be the brand. It is a medium purple shade and stays on all day. I love purple eye shadows since my eyes tend to look more green than blue, it really makes them pop.

The bag was pretty cute this month. A medium shade of pink with a white zipper, The inside lining was pink leopard print.


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