Jurassic Quest

Over the weekend we spent a day at a traveling exhibit called Jurassic Quest.j25The animatronic dinosaurs that were on display were so realistic that I had a difficult time convincing Lovey that they were only pretend.Untitled-1How many people can say they have checked riding a dinosaur off their bucket list?!… Lovey can! j17j1A mama dinosaur and her baby, If Lovey and I were dinosaurs, this would be us!j2My dino lovin’ boy and I.j11T-Rex was huge and roared incredibly loud.j27j7Lovey had a blast in all the inflatable play areas that they offered for the kids.Untitled-2j5Untitled-3The boys dug for fossils.Untitled-4Perhaps Lovey the archeologist in the making.j14We made for tasty dino snacks.Untitled-5It was a tight fit for the three of us inside the dinosaur that I thought looked more like one of the sand worms from the movie Beetle Juice. Do you see the resemblance?!j13We ended the day by having our picture taken in front of a green screen, then the photographer edited in the image of a dinosaur in the background. It made for a fun souvenir from an adventurous day.j26


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