Counting My Blessings On A Sunday Afternoon

Counting My Blessings On A Sunday Afternoon 

is where I reflect on a few of the many blessing and special moments in my life at the end of every week♥    photouhyuyhuhy

This week I am especially thankful for!…

~Jurassic Quest came to town this weekend and we spent most of Sunday there. Life sized animatronic dinosaurs, dinosaur rides, inflatables to play in, fossil digs and a lot more. It was a lot of fun! 

 ~St. Patty’s Day shenanigans with my little Irish lad. Crafting rainbows, eating green pancakes, wearing lots of green and fun, festive four leaf clover socks.

~The first day of Spring! The very best time of year, especially in the Pacific Northwest.

~Nail polish sale at Ulta. I picked up a few new colors that are perfect for Spring and Summer!

~I’m glad that Easter is later this year because it gives me more time to get ready for it. There is always the same 365 days a year but somehow when it falls a few weeks later like it does this year I seem to be more prepared. Easter decorating has began and Lovey’s Easter basket is all put together and ready to go!

~The day I wash our bedding every week always makes for the best nights sleep, possibly because I go heavy on the fabric softener! Even better this week was when my Mister Mister got off of work early that day and we enjoyed it even more, cuddled up together watching our favorite shows before we went to sleep.  

~A new picture frame collage in the downstairs hallway that includes a plaque that I love which says “Family, where life begins and love never ends.” I couldn’t say it better myself. ♥

Thank You Lord,

for Your many gracious blessings in my life!


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