A Visit With Santa

We took Lovey to have his picture taken with Santa this year for the first time and of course to give Santa a heads up on his Christmas list. Our elf, Elfie must have overheard us talking because we found him in our living room with our little Santa along with a note that said “Have fun today at your visit with Santa!”s1We had intended to head off the long line and crying babies back in November when Santa first arrived at the mall, golden thrown and all, well before Thanksgiving. Procrastination set in, unfortunately quite common for us, so we didn’t make it there until the week before Christmas.s7As we stood there in line, que the crying babies, Lovey was remarkably calm and patient. He stooped down every time the line moved ahead a few feet to get a better view of the big guy. I overheard him strategizing with another little boy in line about what they were going to ask Santa to bring them. Lovey was a little boy on a mission and knew ahead of time that he was going to ask for Hot wheels and a yo-yo. I was partial to the sweet innocence of the yo-yo. The other little boy said he also intended to ask Santa for Hot Wheels. Great little minds think alike.   s6

Once it was Lovey’s turn to sit on Santa’s lap he climbed on up like a pro and jumped right into a full conversation with the man in red. Mister Mister and I were taking pictures and recording a short video from the side lines, which we found out later was a no-no. We didn’t intend to break the rules but I’m glad that we accidentally did because the video is priceless. Lovey smiled, talked and laughed with Santa as he tapped his little foot in sheer bliss the entire time.

Childhood Christmas magic, sweetly captured that will be cherished for a lifetime of Christmases to come.khjh


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