All That Glitters Is Gold

We were very much in the fall spirit this year around our home.

And somewhere along the way I fell in love with burlap and gold.

* * * * * * * * * *

Our Thanksgiving card.Untitled-2Our entry table.th4I added a photo of us from the pumpkin patch this year to this sweet family blessings frame that I found at Joanne’s.IMG_3880Untitled-7The pin that my Mama sent me that I put on the decorative pumpkin was one of my favorite touches.IMG_3879

Our front door.th7The fall wreath that I made.IMG_3870Lovey helping me put the leaf clings on the windows out front.th8I dressed up our garage lights with burlap bows that I made.th1Our dining table. Love.f1Fun magnets that Lovey’s Grammy sent him to decorate our fridge.th10Thanksgiving card display.th9

Thanksgiving morning Lovey and I watched the Macy’s parade together.

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition.th11The rest of the day was spent at home just the three of us. We watched football and in the afternoon we ate the Thanksgiving dinner that I made.IMG_3884I am so thankful for my boys and for the love and light that they bring into my life!f3That night, we brought in all the containers of Christmas decorations from the garage. As Thanksgiving came to an end at our home Christmas began.th15The boys put our tree up together.th13Keeping with my new-found love for gold, it’s going to be a golden Christmas.

This years Christmas tree theme is gold and white.th12Lovey was my decorating helper and did a fantastic job might I add.

Meticulously placing ornaments all around the three. th14That night, we began the Elf On The Shelf Tradition by reading the story for the first time before bed. More on Elfie our elf coming soon!IMG_3891I’m thankful for another Thanksgiving with my boys. Our warm home. Food in our bellies. Our health and lots of love between us.


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