Ipsy The Art Of Beauty

o38My October Ipsy Review: The Art Of Beauty.

I had very mixed feelings about my October bag…

This is what I received in my bag and what I thought of the products.

*Zoya nail polish in emerald. I was hoping I would receive the blue Zoya but I am very happy with emerald. I was not happy though with how the polish box was smashed up terribly by the time I received it.

*LA Fresh face wipes.I would not have purchased them on their own because I already have a face wipe brand that I like a lot better. They were decent and worth trying something new. They have a nice scent but disappointed me because they were very thin and dry out very quickly before I could finish half of my face.

*Big Sexy blow dry volumizing gel. I was happy to receive this in my bag but have yet to use it. I do not blow dry my hair often and when I do I forget that I have this. I’ll update once I have given it a try.

 *Starlooks lip liner pencil. I was completely bummed to receive this because I do not wear lipstick and I specifically marked no lipstick on my quiz.

*Nourish organic lotion. I was very disappointed with this lotion. I am not a fan of coconut / tropical scented products to begin with but this lotion takes it to a whole new level. It smells terrible, so much so that I would not even pass it on to someone else who does generally enjoy those scents. Not to mention that the travel size was definitely on the cheap side but that was the least of my concerns once I opened the bottle. 

*Last but not least is the bag itself.  It’s very cute and picks up some of the slack of its contents. “Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” ♥


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