Ipsy Classic Beauty Review

In September I began a monthly subscription called Ipsy.

It’s ten dollars a month to receive five beauty products in a cute makeup bag. Products and brands vary and are chosen for you by beauty consultants according to a quiz that you take before you begin your subscription,

What girl wouldn’t look forward to a girly surprise in the mail each month wrapped in hot pink, metallic packaging!? So far, I’m really happy that I jumped on the Ipsy bandwagon. It is something fun, just for me, to look forward to each month!ipsyMy September’s Ipsy bag review!…

September’s theme was Classic Beauty.

This is what I received in my bag and what I thought of the products…  

*NYX single eye shadow, shade Fantasy. It is a quality shadow, great pigment. It’s a color I very well may use like a bronzer on my cheeks. I have a similar ULTA brand single shadow, shade Lustre, that I use that way. I just ran out of the ULTA shadow so the NYX will likely be its replacement. 

*Pop beauty pouty pop crayon, in shade Rose Romance. I am not a lipstick wearing girl but I really like this crayon. It’s a nude pink, a shade I can see myself wearing often. I also really like the fact that it’s a roll out crayon and not one that needs sharpening.

*Chella ivory lace highlighter. Not something I would have picked out to buy on my own but I’m happy that I received it none the less. A perfect under brow highlighter.

*SatrLooks eye liner in shade Obsideon. I would have prefered for it to be a roll out liner because I do not like having to sharpen any kind of makeup pencil. It is still a great addition to my bag especially since I had just bought a new liner, Revlon brand, that was terrible. It was like wax and would not adhere to my eyelids even at room tempt. So this eyeliner came in the nic of time and covers very well.

*It’s So Big – black mascara. A no brainer, every girl can use another black mascara to put back for a day we happen to run out. It’s a half sized tube, I would have preferred a full but I’m not complaining. I tried it out one day when I couldn’t find my usual one. I don’t know that it makes my lashes so big but it gets the job done.  

It all came in a very cute makeup bag, cobalt blue with black floral lace overlay design. Everything about my first Ipsy bag received my approval! 


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