2013 Rose City Comic Con

We attended The Rose City Comic Con this year.ca2caPosing for a picture with The Living Dead Girls.c57c20The Force was definitely there, in the form of R2D2 and Chewbacca.Untitled-2c71We met a few superheroes too while we were there…c63Lovey met his all time favorite Power Ranger. Now, I find myself attempting to talk him out of being the Red Ranger for Halloween a second year in a row!c4The boys talked superhero business with Batman.c60They met some ladies from Gotham City.c22

And took The Batmobile for a spin!c68Lovey even got a replica Batmobile Hot Wheel to add to his collection.c32There was a video game area and we played a few levels of old school Super Mario Brothers in arcade game form. It reminded me of playing it on our Nintendo 64 with my big brother everyday as he came home from school when we were young.Untitled-5Doesn’t Lovey look like a real, little gamer?!Untitled-3c54E.T phone home. He definitely reminded Mister Mister and I that we were 80’s babies!Untitled-1c48It was an experience outside of our usual comfort zone. We are not exactly a sci fi/comic savvy family but we rolled with it and had a lot of fun in the process. I did enjoy seeing so many people who are more into those genres, be free and truly in their element. It reminded me that it takes all kinds of people to make this beautiful world we live in go round’ and at the end of the day that is always something worth celebrating.c26


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