Tick N’ Tater

For Christmas Lovey’s Grandparents got him a hot potato game which he loves to play. Over the weekend, while browsing the isles of Bed Bath & Beyond for Mother’s Day gift inspiration, Lovey spotted a water balloon version called Tick N’ Tater.

It was a near record-breaking, eighty-five degree day out and we were looking to take advantage of Mother Nature’s graciousness. I used my five dollar off coupon, bought it, then headed home to spend Sunday afternoon playing in the back yard with my cute, little hot potato fanatic. 😉 Untitled-2He chose which color balloons he wanted me to fill with water and he was in charge of putting them inside the potato.kiuyUntitled-1Oh sunshine, wont you shine down on me! thgtThe potato runs on a timer, slowly applying pressure to the balloon until eventually it pops. When the timer ran out one of us would end up wet followed by laughter from both of us. The sound of Lovey’s belly laughs always causes an inevitable chain reaction.♥j,Never a dull moment with this little boy. hkj


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