Judging from the title, I’m willing to bet that you assumed this post would be about golf. That would be a good guess but an incorrect one. I tricked you, or rather Lovey did, it’s actually about…bowling. 

No matter how many times Mister Mister and I told Lovey that we were going bowling, he was adamant that it is actually called “golfin’.” I’m unsure if toddler logic works the same in reverse. I suppose we will find out the first time we take him golfing or should I say bowling?! 😉

We went along with it because I’ll admit, it was overly cute hearing him go on and on about how excited he was to go “golfin'” for the first time.


We played games in the bowling alley’s arcade first while we waited for a lane to become available.

Race car driving.Untitled-6Air hocky.b25Pin ball.20Skeet ball.b7Dance Dance Revolution.Untitled-9


Then it was time to get down to the real business at hand.b4On the verge of his very first strike!Untitled-10b21b26b17Checking the scores, of course he was in the lead. 😉b19b5Untitled-28Whether you call it “golfin'” like we do or you prefer the more politically correct term, 😉 it’s just a minor technicality as long as it’s done in good fun, right?! b8


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