Portland Aquarium

A new aquarium opened up in Portland back in December, we wanted to check it out so we made an afternoon of it one day last week. Untitled-27Shark attack!bvbLovey watching the “polka-dotted” fish.Untitled-2These were our favorite fish because of their odd-shaped heads.

. They looked as though the sharks that they were swimming around with had taken a bite out of them!gyugy

The Eel came out for a quick visit then retreated back inside.yhujnLovey was sure these were the same jelly fish that Sponge Bob and Patrick goes “jelly fishing” with. He’s so cute.jbujhijThe novelty touch tank was inside of a repurposed boat._,lkopkHugs from my little fishie!joijThe boys hanging out with Scuba Steve.k,,-khgThere was a chameleon and a boa-constrictor named Charlie.Untitled-3Row. Row. Row your boat!…frfrLovey’s favorite part was climbing around in the jungle gym and playing in the kid’s play area before we left. Kids will be kids. 🙂Untitled-4hjrffrv


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