Valentine Lovelies

A lot of lovely things made up our Valentine’s Day this year.

The Valentine’s I put together to send family back home.

Cupcakes and cake truffles that I made.IMG_3256IMG_3247Untitled-12IMG_3261I LOVE Pinterest and I am guilty of having a board for just about every holiday. ūüėČ These are a few great Valentine ideas that I found there and made my own….

A squeeze it and Hershey’s Kisses – “A squeeze and kisses!!”

¬†I liked this one especially¬†since I couldn’t be there to give out real ones.¬†IMG_3258These were fun to¬†put together¬†for my mom and little sister. I picked up a couple of pairs of cozy Valentine socks at Target then packaged them up.IMG_3268I made a special Valentine’s breakfast for the three of us. Strawberry smoothies, toast, strawberries and sausage stuffed heart shaped pancakes.IMG_3284Untitled-13I ‚ô• YOU toast!IMG_3290Lovey chose race car Valentines. He picked a specific car for each one of his Valentines and signed his own name like such a big boy.dfedMister Mister and I gave Lovey froggy¬†Valentine goodies. They reminded us of right after he was born,¬†when he¬†had the little¬†froggy legs that newborns do.Untitled-14He’s still our sweet, little froggy.


That evening we took Mister Mister’s mom flowers and spent some time with her.

Untitled-15Lovey stayed and played Legos with her while we enjoyed dinner out together.wwAnd of course all the sweet love notes from family and friends.

They mean so much. ♥ 



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