A Day Last Fall

A visit to the zoo last fall before Mister Mister began a long stretch of working out-of-town. We planed to spend a much fuller day there during the summer when park hours reflected those of the sun, lingering long into the evening. A blissfully full summer did not lend the time so we found ourselves working our trip in before the annual rain began.

 Muted tones of golden sunshine in the early morning hours. A crisp chill in the air, that of early fall accompanied by the changing leafs. Green. Yellow. Red.

Cozy, medium weight sweaters for the three of us. A warm hat to keep the chill from Lovey’s ears and my first scarf of the season. Vibrant blue. 

z38z35First stop, the bears.z23z25 Polar Bears “den.”

z22z13I took this same picture the year before when we visited the zoo for the first time.  Lovey has grown so much taller since then, it amazes me.z24z32Mr. Porcupine was shy.z27z12z16Petting the goats.z20z14 Makes me laugh every time. My silly boys.z19Lovey was our tour guide as he drove us around in the jeep 😉 on an African Safari to see Elephants, Tigers, Giraffes and Zebras.Untitled-11z4

z33z5Untitled-8z29We had lunch at our favorite of the park’s restuarants.z34We ate at a table in the warm sunshine.

Afterwards, the boys played tag in the large, grassy field next to us.z11z15Lovey played music on tribal instruments.Untitled-9Checked out critters in the discovery dome.z30Was intrigued by the colossal, 7,000 year old Mastodont skeleton.Untitled-12Then we took a break before finishing up the visit watching the penguins zoom by in their tanks and hanging out with the orangutans.z10z21z26z37z36z1Check Out Visit To The Zoo 2011


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