Three And A Half

Dear Lovey,

Today you are three and a half!

You are growing, learning and changing before my eyes. Sometimes before my teary eyes as I find myself amazed by how you, once so small, have grown into such a smart and handsome, big boy!

 Your half birthdays are not as emotional for me as your “full” birthdays are but still rest heavy on my heart, in a positive way.

Reminding me that you are healthy, happy and thriving.

There isn’t a day that passes that you don’t make me laugh, make me smile, fill my heart with the purest love and bring purpose to my soul every time I look into your beautiful, big blue eyes.

Oh my sweet, little Lovey how I love you so!

Thank you for your cuteness. For your infectious laughter. For your “one more hug and kiss.” For your friendship, you have declared us best friends! For being my little helper, especially with the laundry and baking and cooking in the kitchen. For being so much fun to spend time with. For looking back at me with as much awe and wonder as I look at you with. For truly being the sweetest little boy I could have ever hoped to have. For being my whole world.

 Happy half birthday, my baby, my big boy, my Lovey!


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