Jet Boat Excursion

Yesterday we went on a two-hour scenic jet boat excursion down the Willamette River in Portland.We had wanted to do the full two-hour jet boat experience since we had a half hour tour last year at Mister Mister’s work. With the season quickly coming to a close we made reservations for the three of us on the afternoon tour.We boarded the boat at OMSI. Remember our visit there on Memorial Day?The first half of the tour was around the harbor where our tour guide, who was very knowledgeable and personable, gave us a brief history of Portland’s bridges and industries.A submerine.The paper mill.This boat was used in the filming of the movie Maveric. It now resides at the Water Front Park as a historical landmark.

Further down the river we came across this Sea Lion soaking up his Vitamin C on a dock. He woke up long enough to raise his head at us then he returned to his sunshine nap.The tour took us all the way down to the Portland falls.

So beautiful. I’m a sucker for waterfalls.Waterfalls and my boys all in one, that’s a double love for me!The last fifteen minutes of the tour is the wettest. We ended up completely soaked though it was all in good fun. Getting sprayed by the water as the boat hydroplaned across the river was Lovey’s Favorite part of the “water boat,” as he calls it. He giggled and kept asking for more splashing. He set tucked safely between Mister Mister and I. As the boat would gain speed he we bury his head into my side to shield himself from the wind. Then as the water would splash he would pop up every time and excitedly tell us how the water boat “got him all wet!”  He was so cute and I loved seeing him enjoying the tour.

 On top of it he was such a good boy as it was two hours long which usually equals an eternity to a three-year old.

The ninety degree weather paired with nothing but sunshine from sun up to sun down made for a perfect afternoon on the river with my boys.


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