Gone Fishin’!

Back in July we went on a fishing trip

The boys made a great team; Mister Mister kept the line baited and Lovey kept reelin’ em’ in!My sweet, little fisherman. ♥Mister Mister ended up catching a 21 & 1/2 inch rainbow trout!The weather was cool and it was so beautiful and serene up in the mountains where we were. We were surrounded by trees and green grass as far as the eye could see. Lovey ran til his heart’s content.As we set on the dock, Lovey dipped his feet into the water, leaving wet footprints behind as he walked which he said were “Blue’s Clues.” 🙂 It was both mine and Lovey’s very first fishing experience.I even caught a fish, with Mister Mister’s line baiting assistance that is. 😉I love this photo…

I love the Father and Son bond they share.

I love their friendship, their unconditional love for each other.

I love that for me, this photo captures all that and more.

A timeless and precious moment between a Father and a son.

I love this photo because I love my boys with all my heart and all my soul.

It turned out to be a Lovey approved day.

 Months later he still talks about the day we caught all the “fishies!


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