Summer Beach Trip

Lovey was more than ready for some time away as he posted himself up by our front door, Elmo luggage in tow, waiting to leave.So we set out on our sunshine drive to the beach.Stand still traffic told the story of the first 100 degree day of the year.

 Everyone collectively seemed to have the idea of leaving the city in search of cooler weather.

Since we weren’t going anywhere anytime soon, I gave myself a road pedi.As tempting {and very random!} as the elephant and garlic festival that we passed was, we resisted the urge to stop. 😉 Though we did end up taking a detour along the way to the Tillamook Cheese Factory. We stopped at this always beautiful view-point to get our first glimpse of the ocean during our trip. Do you remember when Mister Mister and I stopped there on

our seventh anniversary trip?! 

We checked into our hotel and took our luggage up to our room. Lovey made himself right at home.

We had dinner at our hotel’s restaurant which overlooked the ocean.

That slice of chocolate raspberry cheesecake was all mine!

After dinner we made it to the beach as the sun began to set.

Just in time for me to take this photo…

My boys.

The ocean.

The sunset.

God’s beauty abounding in every possible way.

This moment…

It all takes my breath away. Before calling it a day we spent some time in the pool.

Showing off his muscles, oh and his floaties too. 😉Lovey had so much fun swimming and splashing with his Daddy.

Back in our room Lovey liked to pretend to call his cousins on the phone.

Then he fell right to sleep on the bed watching Toy Story 3 on our lap top.

The next day we spent a lot of time exploring the sleepy, little, sea town of Newport.

The Newport Bridge.

We visited the Oregon Coast Aquarium and The Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum.

We fed Sea Lions off of the pier.And had lunch at Abby’s Legendary pizza.

The boys played video games while we were there and Mister Mister won Lovey a prize out of the crane machine.There was a sweets shop that reminded me a lot of the first place I ever worked.

With so much to choose from, I ended up getting an amaretto and a Kahlua truffle. They were pretty much amazing!We spent the remainder of our trip doing the main things we set out to do; soaking up the warm sunshine, breathing in the salty air, feeling the sand between our toes and above all else, doing it together. View of our hotel from the beach. We stayed in the third room from the left, on the top story. Lovey was in charge of pushing the elevator buttons.

 He took his job very seriously.

Going up the stairs on the hillside.Lovey had been talking about wanting to build sand castles for quite some time.

It was rewarding to make that a reality for him.Maybe we will become architects as our side jobs. 😉We enjoyed a snack together on our blanket.I loved watching Lovey run wild and free along the shore line. He was so animated and full of energy, he called this his “crazy beach dance.”My handsome little beach bum!He was surprisingly fearless, wondering further and further out into the ocean with ever coming and going of the tide.Father and son snuggles.Unfortunately every so often Mister Mister ends up missing the top of his head in photos that I take at arms length because he is so tall and well, I am not!

This is one of those photos. 😉 I am so very thankful that we were able to get in this time together this summer. The beach is truly one of my favorite places. It never ceases to feel me with a sense of amazement and awe as it is truly one of God’s greatest masterpieces. My favorite place and my favorite people.

Perfection! ♥


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