A Night At The Movies

Lovey experienced his first movie in a theater recently. Mister Mister and I took him to see Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax.

Besides a trip to the restroom solely out of curiosity and not the urgency he had assured me he was experiencing, 😉 he did a terrific job.There was only minor squirming and he was very attentive to what turned out to be a modern-day Seuss classic in my opinion.

He tried popcorn for the first time as well but was not a fan. I told him it was ok because neither is Mommy.

He mimicked the audiences general laughter with his irresistible giggle.

He spent majority of the movie cuddled up on his Daddy’s lap. I loved looking over at them, their profiles dimly illuminated by glow of the big screen.

A very succesful, enjoyable and memberable first shared with our little boy.


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