Chasing Waterfalls

A few weekends ago Mister Mister and I took a trip to the Columbia River Gorge in search of waterfalls.

We spent the afternoon hiking Eagle Creek.

The route we took was 5.5 miles round trip.

We took a break at a view point to catch our first glimpse of one of the thirteen waterfalls within the gorge, Metlako falls.

The vast greenery was breath-taking. The varied shades of green, impossible to truly capture in photos but a view that will remain vivid in our memories.

I love this photo. The sun playing peekaboo through the trees and the sheer measure of those trees. Standing beneath them, they make you feel so small in such a beautiful, humbling way.

The walking paths were very narrow and a steep incline over the edge kept us alert of our footing.

We made our way to the lower punch bowl falls, downstream a mile from the upper punch bowl falls which is responsible for the waterfall classification of “punchbowl.” During our next visit we plan to hike to the upper falls but for our first time there we were more than satisfied experiencing the lower one.

It is smaller but still truly majestic. The rushing water was calming to our eyes and ears and chilly on our feet as we took off our shoes and walked in the stream to get a closer view .

The day proved to be one of my very favorite experiences to date since moving to the Pacific Northwest. Being amongst nature, raw and pure was something I was in need of. A need I wasn’t even aware I had until it was fulfilled and I left feeling renewed, aware of what I was missing. – – A reconnect; mind, body and soul.

God’s beauty so graciously on display to see, to hear, to smell, to feel and the companionship of my love.  – – Much needed and much appreciated.


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